Sunday, October 17, 2010

A lonely dwarf

Today's miniature is from another wonderful little manufacturer The Battle Forge. The company is run by Paul Stanley. Paul has specialised doing especially Halfllings and has done a wonderful range of half men. Paul's sculpt all his miniatures by himself and do them in a rough heavy style like in the old days. The miniatures are quite cartoonish and ooze of character - exactly what I like.

I've been very tempted picking up some of those Halflings, but have controlled myself till now. Now, Paul has added new races to his ranged - both a Giants and now dwarfs can be found in his eBay-store 'From fire and flame'.

But what really got me excited is, that Paul is now planing to do a hole army of Chaos Dwarfs. And has showed me the first very promising first greens - like these:

While waiting for the first Chaos Dwarfs to be released and to feel the quality of The Battle Forge's miniatures I've picked up three of the ACW Dwarfs with Pikes - just to try out how it felt painting Pauls sculpts. Mark "Artwho9" Dixon had already done an excellent job painting them in a classic ACW style - so I did a test model for a rather untraditional colour scheme:

TheBattleForge ACW dwarf Pikeman #1


  1. Do you know if there are plans for more dwarves like these?

  2. Think, Paul have lots of plans for these - but if the will ever make it, I wouldn't know. For now, only spearmen, riflemen and a hero character has become available. Only time can tell ;-)