Want List

I'm always looking for more miniatures - if you think you can help - please send me an email (look at my profile)

Marauder Miniatures

MM10-MM16 Dwarfs

MM10/6 or 1989 MM11 Command

MM11 Dwarf Command

These crew members from the MM13 Siege Gun

MM!5 Crossbowmen

MM15/2 Dwarfs

MM16 Thunderers

MM40 Trolls

MM41/MS4 Ogres

MM64 Halflings

MM93 - Chaos Beastmaster with Hounds

MM92 - Mounted Chaos Warriors

Also looking for the variant steeds - at least 3 is shown here.
I'm in particularly interested in no. #1/#3 from the left ©White Dwarf #135 

MM97 - Chaos Beatsmen
Looking for these variants

MB7 Giant


Boxed sets

BC1 Adventurer Starter Set
BC2 Monster Starter Set

BC5 Michael Moorcocks Eternal Champion

Citadel AD&D range ADD
I've got 50 or so of these - but always looking for more

Especially these - but feel free ... ;-)

ADD03 Cleric
ADD09 Druid
ADD11 Female Magic User
ADD13Female Cleric
ADD24 Lord of Battle
ADD54 Hobgoblins
ADD56 Bugbears
ADD60 Norkers
ADD69 Githyanki
ADD79 Mind Flayers

 Citadel - C-series:
Again have lots, but missing even more :-)

Especially miniatures from these lines have my interest:

C11 Halflings
C18 Night Horrors/Ethereals
C20 Trolls
C22 Creatures
C23 Ogres
C24 Troglodytes
C25 Fimirs
C27/C38 Beastmen
C36 Hobgoblins

Citadel - F-series (Fighters)

Citadel Dragons:
DRAG 3 Green Dragon and Dwarf

DS2 Dragon Ogre

Looking for a DS9 Dwarf Dragonslayer Dragon head

Machineries of Destruction:
MD7 Gob-Lobber, Dwarf Onager

Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion

EC01 - Melnibonean Infantry

EC05 - Melnibonean Personalities

WFB Chaos/Chaos Daemons:

Could use this Bloodthirster variant

These 3 Bloodletters poses
These 2 Daemonettes
Could use a few of these

A few of these hounds

Grenadier Models

Official AD&D (TSR) miniatures - and later Dragon Lords:

(or rather, the miniatures from these boxes)

AD&D - small boxes:
2010 Denizens of the Swamp

AD&D . large boxes:
5004 Tomb Of Spells

Action Art:
8002 Monsters
8003 Mythological Creatures
8004 Fantasy Fiends

Dragon Lords:
2012 Subterranean Terrors


107 Umber Hulk & Xorn

113 and 114 Elements

Fantasy Classics (many also found in Monster Manuscript)

302 Dragon Turtle
303 and 304 Elements

311 Rakshasa especially the Rhinshasa:

314 Manticore & Owl Beast
316 Monsters of Legend - Cyclops
317 Umberhulk
350 Lassor & Enchanted Eye

A lot of these miniatures are from the twelve Monster Manuscript boxes

Ral Partha
AD&D - Dark Sun

11-709 Half Giants

11-713 Gith Shaman and Gith Warriors

AD&D - Monsters

11-404 Umber Hulk
11-405 Ogre Mage
11-408 Troll
11-413 Displacer Beast
11-426 Elementals of Fire and Earth
11-427 Elementals of Air and Water
11-439 Basilisk

11-490 Githyanki

11-497 Xorn

11-498 Cave Fisher
11-506 Hook Horror
11-529 Otyugh

Hobby Products, Metal Magic

Especially football Britons (C1705) and Pirates/Vikings (C1703) have my interest - but let me know what you got

C1032 Trolls
Especially b and a

C1047 and C1048 Demons



Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur Torso 3

Unreleased Chaos Dwarf: 

Renegade variant - Drum/Drone Ulsen

Heartbreaker Fantasy Dark Dwarfs:

213 Dark Dwarf Warriors Dark Dwarf w/ Axe & Shield ©Stunties.com

214 Dark Dwarf Champions - Dark Dwarf w/ raised Sword ©stunties.com 

Metal Magic:

Mongoose Publishing

Judge Dredd
(all sculpted by John Pickford)

Banshee driver

Cal-Hab Judge

Cal-Hab on Iron Lion

Female Sov Judge

And the Orangutan with Bazooka - I haven't got pictures but its confirmed being sculpted, so there might be a master cast out there.