Thursday, November 11, 2010

They are here

Okay, Hasslefree Miniatures/Sjoerd Trouwee has been doing Chaos Dwarfs the last 5-6 years - but with just a single or two releases a year - I've been 'hungry' for finding additional evil stunties for my Chaos Dwarf Project/collection.

But, 2010 seems to be 'the year' my calls will be heard - and no, I'm not thinking of the upcoming Warhammer Forge releases (cause I actually do not fancy those that much) - no, it's because both Dave King and his BeDerken's  and theBattleForge has now released their first series of evil dwarfs.

So, this week my newly purchased Dwarfs has arrived - 15  BeDerken's (+ a Familiar) and 11 theBattleForge ones :-) All of a wonderful, wonderful quality - and I can only recommend buying these - if you are into evil dwarfs.

First to receive the painting treatment will be the 'too late arrived' Chaos Dwarf Musician:

theBattleForge Chaos Dwarf Musician

A bit hard taking pictures of this guy - mainly because of the pose - but also because of very, very bad lightning, but I can assure you, that this miniature has lots of character.

And while at it, I painted the 3 Pole Axe-men as well. These guys have huge, huge pole axes (halberds) - and looks bloody awesome - just like miniatures looked like in the early 90s.

theBattleForge: Chaos Dwarf Pole Axe Men

Definitely building a 20 man unit, when a few more poses is available.

And in other great news:
And then speaking of Hasslefree and Sjoerd Trouwee's Dwarves of Myth (Twisted Tales Range) - Sjoerd has showed a preview of the next dwarf his is working on:

Source: new sculpt WIP @ CDO -

Very, very convincing, I think. Hopefully Kev White things the same and will add this awesome little guy to the range @Hasslefree Miniatures.

So that's todays update. But, before I go, I'll like to say welcome to the next two followers: Finch and Pyro Stick. Glad to see you have found me - and hopefully you'll enjoy your stay.

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