Saturday, February 19, 2011

Walking dead

Braiiiins, must have braiiiins ...... :D Well, I've never been that keen on zombie miniature games in general, but that hasn't stopped me from doing quite a few Zombies for my RPGs and WfB during the years - so it's been rather nice going back and do a few more.

I'm trying to learn 'what to use' and more important how to use my set of citadel washes. Still struggling, though.

But zombies should benefit from such a treatment . Got 8 of these Heresy Miniatures zombies sculpted by Mr. Paul Muller, so gave the 4 of them a shot.

From white prime it's a few washes of a diluted mix of black, brown (mud) and green wash - then highlighted with white and again a light wash, with a similar but even more diluted mix of washes. Final highlight is VMC Silver grey with a gentle touch of olive green.

Like the way the turned out - and a bit surprise to see how quickly I can do undead skin - painting like this.

Heresy Miniatures - HV027/HV030 Zombies (mixed from pack 1 and 2)

So what's next ..? Well, if my Otherworld order arrives in time - I'll be entering the 2nd forum painting challenge - but it's all depending on that I get the two Wraiths in time. Also working on the secret entry for Golden Hat #14 at Chaos Dwarfs Online. I'm nearly there. Deadline is the 27th. - but it will be another 10 days before it will get posted here.

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