Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Impact Miniatures Star Player - part 2

As promised a few days ago, I'd post pictures of my metal fantasy football Zoat variant (done for Impact! Miniatures) when it arrived.

Arrived today and here is the pictures

Impact! Miniatures: Zoat the Bibbisaur

The sculpt is as great as the Sci Fi version and the new pose is fantastic. And as the shoulder guard and knee pad are all separate pieces it will be so easy converting it into a traditional fantasy miniature. Think I might try that :)

And a little side bonus ...! When John did the changed to the Zoat, "Axiom" had him turning the original carried Eldar casualty into a separated miniature. Meant for his own private use - but he has - kindly - let me have a copy of it.

Cast in resin and looks like this:

The Gaming Cantina: Eldar Casualty, helmet variant

Wonderful :) - and thanks, Axiom - that was very kind of you :D


  1. Good lord, that's a great zoat! He's very convertible for fantasy, as you say. I might have to pick one up. Impact, you say?

  2. Yes, Impact! is the place to go.And he sure will make a great fantasy character as well - without to much work :)