Sunday, March 17, 2013

The three Musketeers

And finally got round doing some of the miniatures from "the mystery box" - the Iron Mask Miniatures.

Iron Mask is another Multi Part Pickford Project (Multi 3P™) and is all about creating a range of 28mm dwarf Musketeers for fantasy gaming.

The project will probably go on Kickstarter any time soon now (will keep you posted, of course).

The miniatures painted here were done for the Painting League @CDO

Iron Mask Miniatures: Musketeers

First two here are from the small proof-of-concept run and will probably not see a more general release. One (second one) had sculpt on head and both had options for pistols, cinquedea swords and daggers. 

The last one here is a proper first wave miniature with the rapier swords and separate head.

Wonderful batch of miniatures and I wish Iron Mask Miniatures best of luck with their funding campaign.

On a side note I'd like to mention, that on the Iron Mask Miniatures-blog you can now see a second wave of heads. All these will have longer hair and beards. Give them quite a different look, I think.

Here's a small teaser ... :-D

Check the blog to see more of them :)

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