Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Collecting John Pickford: Upcoming releases from Otherworld Miniatures

There isn't much to show yet, but Richard Scott have spilled a few beans for the hungry crowed @ the Otherworld Miniatures Forum.

Seems like John, in the forthcoming months, will be doing:

  • 4 Goblin Missile Troops (2 archers and 2 slingers)
  • An Ogress
But have also been making this "beast" here - and it seems pretty close to finishing :) - but looks like a nightmare moulding :-/

Otherworld Miniatures - Purple Worm - version 2

Now that's on hell of a worm - and looks so cool. Better go see if I can find a can of purple spray paint :)


  1. Ha Ha - can you guess what I like doing when I am not working from that photo?

    It is cut into casting friendly sections, although the head section is single piece now the pieces are roughly the same size as the original's.

  2. Yes, reading about all those video games you'll never allow your kids playing :D