Saturday, May 3, 2014

Collecting John Pickford: Dwarf Inventors/Engineers from WK Miniatures - take 2

Okay, I might have posted news to quickly regarding The White Knight Miniature Imperium and the new Inventors/Engineers. Cause not only where they unfinished but a third Inventor has then been added. This week, WK posted the finished pieces at LAF - and here they are, in all their glory:

WK Minis: Inventor/Engineer with Longdistance Sniper Handgun

Sniper, Page-boy and stand

Build with the alternated stand

WK Minis: Inventor/Engineer with Swivel Gun

WK Minis: Inventor/Engineer "the Bomber"

Comes with two alternate bomb holding hands, "regular" and "holy"

- but that was not all ..... cause a few days later multi-part Artillery crew showed up as well. A set that really shows, why going "multi-part" is just so right. Such a beautiful set - and with all the builds you can really personalize each Cannon Crew in you 1.000 Dwarfs Army ... amazing ... :)

WK Minis: Artillery Crew Set

Commander with two arm option


Crewman with bucket

Crewman with ramrod or ladle

Crewman with ramrod or ladle 2
No plans for doing a Cannon for them, though. As White Knight explained: "I need to concentrate all resources on the figures and there are plenty of options from the likes of GW dwarf and Empire ranges, Lead Adventure Miniatures, TAG renaissance artillery,..." - fair call, I think - should be easy finding suitable Cannons for them.


  1. Also worth noting, the multipart ones are aimed to be compatible with bits (heads, bodies, weapons) from the core infantry sets, allowing for even more variation in your artillery crews (or infantry units)