Sunday, November 9, 2014

Collecting John Pickford: White Knight have released their Dwarf Artillerists and Inventors

White Knight Miniature Imperium have recently released their Dwarf Artillerists and Inventors all by John Pickford. A must-have fore any Renaissance Dwarf fan (or Pickford fan ;-))

The new releases are:

  • Dwarf Artillery Crew set
  • Dwarf Hackbut and Crew set
  • Dwarf Inventor With Snipergun 
  • Dwarf Inventor With Handgrenade

WKD-50: Dwarf Inventor With Snipergun

Check these cool new releases out at WK's blog (and now you are there you might like to check out the wonderful Sea Elves sculpted by Mark Evens and MickDarpa's Human Zombies).

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