Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A doctor's appointment

Sorry for the quietness, but I have had a doctor's appointment - an appointment with the FU UK! Faceless Stalker/Asylum Doctor - another gem from my Pickford collection.

The Doctor was an entry for the 2006 FU UK! Sculpting Contest: "Asylum" (@the Frothers Unite-forum).

The miniature didn't win anything but was picked up by White Knight and moulded, but unfortunately never released. Luckily I have been given a copy of the initial master run of this wonderful piece (though I wish it would have been commercially available so I could have had two, as it was very hard to decide which head/hands to use) - but I went for the Asylum doctor's look - but instead of using the knifes hand I converted him slightly and gave him a pen.

WK Minis: Asylum Doctor/Faceless Stalker


  1. Excellent sculpt! And I think you chose well. Loads of character, and generic enough he could be used for all sorts of games, from Victorian era (steampunk or historical) to pretty much any time throughout the 20th/21st centuries, whether Cthulhu, other horror, weird WW, pulp, superheros, modern times, etc.

  2. Not sure the base suits him 😉.
    It is a great sculpt though, he could have walked away straight out of a comic book.