Sunday, May 6, 2018

Gnoll Anti-Hero on Boar

Luckily, during that terrible experience of painting the Marauder Miniature MM90/9c - and not to lose my sanity,  I've had something way more interesting to paint. So while washes and glazes were drying I spend time working on this awesome miniature here:

Gnoll (anti) hero on Boar

This Gnoll anti-hero is a private commissioned miniature - sculpted by John Pickford and is based on  an original Russ Nicholson art piece. James D., who has commissioned this awesome piece, has been a great fan of the Citadel Gnolls/Goblins FTG Fantasy Tribe range for years - and after a few chats with Russ Nicholson, Russ has produced a drawing of a Gnoll Anti-Hero on a boar mush close in style whit the old FTG-line.

In 2016 James then commissioned John to turn it into a miniature - and John did a fantastic job. An incredible piece with lots of curled little details, all over.

And by generosity of James D. I have in my possession one of a very few casts ever made. It's been sitting in the Wiki for documentation in a few months, but due to the house move, I just haven't had the time painting this awesome piece. But I made up for it during the awful experience it was paint the MM90/6c. Thank you Russ, John and James for keep me sane.

I haven't succeed finding the publication of the original art but by the courtesy of James D. I's been given the permission of showing it in here. I think John did a spectacular job and stayed very true to the original art work.

Lovely art and a spectacular miniature it is and it certainly got that wonderful Russ Nicholson feel to it.


  1. very very nice and excellent basing! would really love to see the artwork now... I know it can be a real b!tch to sculpt from artwork...

    1. James has allowed me showing the original Russ N art piece, so I've updated the blog :)