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Collecting John Pickford: Hmm, Otherworld....?

Usually, this Collecting John Pickford-section of the blog has been dedicated to write about new Pickford pieces, lost gems found and other additions to my collection.

Today's story is a bit different, as it's more about stuff that has disappeared, in risk of disappearing or has or will shift hands.
Today's post is about John's Otherworld range. A range I'm very passionate about as it's the one range that started my journey into Pickford collecting. I knew of John's early Foundry work, but it was the characterful and beautiful Otherworld Miniatures that convinced me of John's great talent - and started a hobby I wouldn't do without.

One of my all time favourite OWs

So what's this all about?

Well, in September 2017 on the Lead Adventure Forum (LAF), I spotted the "disturbing" announcement that Otherworld were parting with some of their ranges. The post were even accompanied by pictures of some of John's OW Goblins and Ogres - to quote:
Over the last few years, our range of 28mm fantasy gaming miniatures has grown quickly.  We've now reached the point where it has become increasingly difficult to keep everything fully stocked at all times.  So, I have made the decision to reduce the size of our range.
Over the next few months, I plan to make some ranges available for sale to existing companies, or possibly to individuals who may be interested in setting up in the miniatures business.  We will be selling batches of models which will include the original sculptors' greens (although in some cases these have been damaged in the mould-making process), some master-castings, a small number of production castings, the painted display models featured in the photos in our web-store, and full production rights for the models.  We will not be including moulds, as these are often shared with models which are not for sale.
See the thread here:

6 months later they started to reorganise their miniature ranges and internet store - and during Summer some significant changes has been made.

And as foreseen, the reorganisation has involved several of John Pickford codes in their huge selection.

I'm not fully aware of what's sold off, what might have gone out of production or what's still in a reorganising stages but quite a significant part has disappeared or can only be found in an un-categorised section by doing "searches". Also, a few codes has been replaced by newer sculpts by other sculptors.

I'll try and walk you through the changes.

Un-categorised miniatures: (and therefor not in any "Product Categories"- but still searchable, if you know what you are looking for)

  • BS5 - The Otherworld Giant
  • DM8b - Purple Worm v2
  • DM18 - Rust Monsters, but the DM18 Rust Monster code is replaced with a new sculpt by Paul Muller
  • DM20 - Roper, but the DM20 Roper code is replaced with a new sculpt by Paul Muller (see new owner announcements)
  • DM21a - Carcass Scavenger I
  • DM21b - Carcass Scavenger II, but the DM21 code is replaced by a DM21 Carrion Worm by Paul Muller
  • DM22 - Otyugh, but the DM22 code is replaced by a DM22 – Neo-otyugh by Paul Muller
  • DM23c - Eye of the Deep Conversion kit
  • OG4 - Ogre Chieftain (see new owner announcements)
  • OG5 - Ogress
  • OG7 - Ogre Mage

Disappeared miniatures:

  • GB - Goblins (all codes gone)
  • OG3 - Ogre warrior III
  • WE22 - Landshark
  • WE24 - Hydra
  • WE30 - Stag Beetle (incl. the flying conversion kit)

Miniatures, announced by new owners:
  • DV6a and DV6b Giant worker ants and Giant warrior ants. The Ants are now with Crocked Dice and part of their current 7TV:Apocalypse-kickstater 
  • OG5 Ogre Chieftain. Crooked Dice announced on Facebook that they are the new owner of this miniature. And in the 7TV:Apocalypse Kickstarter a Post-apocalyptic Ogre Conversion can be seen (done by Ernst Veingart)
  • DM20 - Roper. In the "coming soon" section on the Dark Fable Miniatures web-site the OW Roper is showed as a coming soon miniature.
  • Mimics. The two Mimics were never an official release, but if you look closely on the Dark Fable-website you'll spot the Otherworld Mimics are coming out too ;)

So, what's still there? Well, let me see:
  • DM31- Mongrelmen - found in the BM Series - Official Barrowmaze Miniatures
  • DM23a and DM23b Eyes of Terror - but renamed Eye Tyrants
  • DM26 - Aspis, but renamed DM27a and DM27b Aspis Drone I and II
  • DM35 – Xorn
  • KB - Kobolds - renamed HT1a-HT1e and found in the HT Series - Humanoid Tribes-section
  • OG1 and OG2 Ogere Warrior I and II, renamed HT7a and HT7b. Again found in the new HT Series - Humanoid Tribes
  • WE10a-WE10d - Spiders, all of them
  • WE11 – Shambling Mound
  • WE13 – Treant
  • WE20 – Giant Scorpion
  • DV5 - Leeches, but renamed WE30 – Giant Leeches and now found in WE Series - Wilderness Encounters
Saddens me a bit, especially if they are disappearing, but fingers crossed that most of them will find a new home.

And if you've spotted any of them being picked up by others, do let me know, please.

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  1. Otherworld is my favourite range of minis so it’s inevitable that some great sculpts would be lost. The goblins were a fantastic set hopefully someone picks them up.