Saturday, February 13, 2021

Collecting John Pickford: Bar Room Brawl - part 3

We are still waiting for The Little Soldier Comapny's  fulfilment of their Bar Room Brawl kickstarter (on target for an early March fulfilment) and while waiting, John Pickford has been busy sculpting.

Firstly, the additional figures from the Kickstarer - the Landlord and Landlady and their hounds (a pair of Westies) and the 3K stretched goal Accessory Sprue but also a coming new release for the diorama set as another two fighting/enraged dwarves will be up on their website once the Kickstarter has been fulfilled.

Last, a Chaotic toilet/mimic. Not really sure that has anything to do with a Bar Room Brawl, but who can be without a chaotic toilet 😆

Bar Room Brawl: Landlord and lady (KS-add on)

Bar Room Brawl: 3K Accessory Sprue

Bar Room Brawl: Enraged dwarves

The Little Soldier Company: Chaos Toilet/Mimic

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