Monday, April 5, 2021

Collecting John Pickford: Dwarfs need protection

Another Kickstarter from the OS Miniatures Company is now live. This one is a: "small, short timed, very limited scope and few if any stretch goals"-Kickstarter.

And what's this one about, then? ....: "Shields, actually 5 new dwarf shields". And John has sculpted the set of five that will fit most old school dwarfs.

The greens:

©OS Miniatures Company

And some painted ones by Jamie (attached to old Citadel Perry Dwarfs):

Painted by Jamie Loft ©OS Miniatures Company

You'll find the "Dwarfs need protection - metal shields for oldhammer Dwarfs" here:

Go take a look and if you're interested be quick, as it ends in just five days (on April 10th 2021).

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