Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grenadier Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

I've been painting like a mad man, lately (taking into account that I'm a very slow painter with way to little hobby quality time). Painted more miniatures the last 3-4 months than I did the 12 months before that. Unfortunately it hasn't been that many Chaos Dwarfs - for that I am sorry :-(

But I did one during the Christmas holidays. It was an entry for the painting comp @Miniature-heroes.com. And with only a few hours left, I think it's okay to reveal it. Didn't stand a chance, of course (Way to much talent talent over there). But wanted to show Tim my support. He is doing such a fantastic job for old school geeks like me.

And I'm rather please with my entry, actually. Think it's painted near the standard I'm capable of (at the moment).

Theme for the competition was: 'Paint a Classic' and it was limited to a miniature in the Mirliton/Grenadier Models range - and with a max of 3 miniatures.

Can you get a better excuse for start painting the Grenadier Battle Lords Chaos Dwarves box set (#1608)? Did plan to do a second dwarf - but like said a few days ago, the Painting Dragon got in it's way :-)

But here is my entrant:

Grenadier Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

So what's next then ....? Well, painting something for the Brush Slave #2 @ Chaos Dwarfs Online. The theme is 'Roll them Bones' so took the opportunity to do my Otherworld Skeletons. I now remember why I never finished that Vampire army. I absolutely hate painting skelies. Just can't make them look right/good. 
Also on the painting desk are 3 of Four A Miniatures' Sea Demons, another 2 Grenadier Demons and a the second Grenadier Chaos Dwarf, of course.

Also planing on doing my 2 Otherworld Rust Monsters. The fantastic Otherworld Miniatures Forum has started a little Painting Challenge, too. So what better excuse can I get for painting them. 

And why not join in, too? Go have a look at the challenge: Level 1 Party Killer @ Otherworld Miniatures Forum

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