Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paul is back on the workbench

Actually, been laying in bed most of the time since my last up date. The annual flu hit me - and it hit me hard - but I'm better now - and was in time for finishing my entry for the Brush Slave #2 Painting Challenge at Chaos Dwarfs Online. It's now time for voting - and there are quite a few cool entries.

The theme was Roll them Bones - so Otherworld Miniatures Skeleton I's were quite obvious for this as they are some of the best sculpted Skeletons I know of, but could it be any different when Paul Muller is the man behind the miniatures :-) But trust me, they are also quite a struggle. The Skeletons from Otherworld are so rich of tiny little details. So rich that it's making them a pain painting for an old man like me with rusty hands and tired eyes at 10 p.m.

But I did finish them. Not my best, I know. Will try harder next time - as Skeletons II is definitely on my list of purchases from Otherworld Miniatures. Cause yes, I did take advantage of the fantastic Voucher program. A program that offers you a 23-33% discount. So if you haven't already bought a voucher, now is the time. Program runs out by the end of January :-)

Otherworld - UD1a - Skeletons I

And if you are a member at CDO - well, why not go and place a vote for one of the awesome entries :)

Have also been testing how to paint another Otherworld must have ... Mr. Pickford's characterful Goblins. Next is a test piece how to do good old classic brown goblin skin.

Otherworld - GB4 - Goblin Command Chieftain


This Goblin has been a joy painting - but I'm not 100% pleased with the skin-tone. So, it's back to the mixing pallet I guess.

Last, but definitely not least are my Heresy Miniatures Giant Slugs. Not sculpted by the brilliant man behind the company, himself (Andy Foster) - but done by Paul Muller - and like always, so rich on details. The set consist of 3 giant slug-like gribblies- sort of Slug, Maggot and Caterpillar.

Heresy Miniatures - HM021 Giant Slugs

The Slug

The Maggot

The Caterpillar

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