Saturday, June 11, 2011

A couple of dwarfs

First off, a big, big welcome to 4 new followers: steve, thehermit, White Knight and Darksteed :-) Glad to see all of you here. Hope you'll enjoy your stay.

Last few days has been great - and have killed some hours doing a bit of painting. I got big plans for painting this month. Am 'committed' painting for a few challenges/competitions, but also got a few models standing here I just 'have' to slap some paint on, so will try mix that and fulfil my 'obligations'.

First, is a miniature that is very dear to me. Have had the Marauder Miniatures MM90 Chaos Dwarf Mage standing here like forever, but couldn't decide how to paint him. Wanted to stay true to the colour scheme I've already picked for my Chaos Dwarfs, but also want him to stand out a bit. Have done a few of my sorcerers in a red'-ish colour, so wanted 'something else' for this one. But back in March, just before I turned sick, I found what I was looking for and finally decided for a colour scheme. So, now that I'm back he surely deserves my fully attention. And here he is:

Marauder Miniatures MM90/1a Chaos Dwarf Mage

But like said, I've 'committed' myself doing so many miniatures this month. First commitment was the OW bonus Challenge last week. Second, is the Brush Slave Painting Challenge at Chaos Dwarfs Online. The theme is "Blast from the Past". Being like 20 years old and OOP, I could easily have entered the above Mage miniature (first idea), but I wanted something with a bit more historical feel. So, I'll take you back to the year 1602, where the people of London are heading for the Globe to watch a new play by the Bard of Avon, himself. So let me introduce the leading head role/star, the Prince of Denmark, Hamlet himself:

- or shall we just call him Hoglet, with the skull of 'Alaspoor' the jester? A very rare beardless dwarf done by Berderken Miniatures (kingofdaveness/David King) - To beard or not to beard :-) A wonderful dwarf with lots of character and a joy painting. Really hope that Dave will do more sculpts like this, soon. Such sculpts can keep my brushes warm.

Other commitments are "Brothers in arms" for, First Twilight painting competition, the Big 'uns for the OW Challenge and finally an entry for the Golden Hat XV at CDO - so back to the desk, painting - and I'm pretty sure there will be more dwarfs coming soon ;-)

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