Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yes, more Dwarves

First, of course, I'd like to welcome two new followers: Juan and Spooktalker. Glad to see you here and hopefully you'll find something worth looking at and/or reading.

And then on with today's topic .... more painted Dwarves :-)

The Golden Hat @ Chaos Dwarfs Online is now over and have found some rather worthy winners. Want to use the space here to say big congrats to "Bassman" (1st place, entry #16), "G.2" (2nd, #24) and "Blue in VT" (3th, #2). Very well done, guys - and you are truely worthy winners of what I think was the best Golden Hat ever. Lots of cool concepts and great paintings this time. Excellent - and am looking forward challenging you all in the next one ;-)

And now that it's over, I can also reveal my own humble entry. Cause as a few has already guessed. I did entry #12. A conversion based on the Four A Miniatures Dronzak Bannerfist standard bearer.

Four A Miniatures: Dronzak Bannerfist (conversion)

A rather straight forward conversion, really. Only really interesting/difficult part was the new skull helmet - but with some help from a plastic skull and a pair of HFL300 Helmet Wings (from Hasslefree Miniatures) it ended up pretty close to planned. Painted the guy when I was doing the first three WK dwarfs, so quite obvious to use the same colour scheme for this one here. And painting another Marauder-ish looking Chaos Dwarf in bright colours, really takes me one step closer to starting all over and redo the MM90 already painted.

And speaking of White Knight's Super Awesome Dwarf Project, I've painted another 3 WK Dwarves:

WKminis: WKD-01B: Dwarf Core Infantry with Halberds/Poleaxes 1 - part 2

Can't praise the Dwarves enough. Mr. Pickford really pushed it to create the fantastic visions of Mr. Knight. 

The trained eye may have spotted that this one here:

- ain't 100% straight  out of the box. Cause, this heavy armoured guy was simply to good just to be turned into a ordinary Pikeman! So I've change him slightly, and turned him into a Captain leading this small unite. Still got 2 more to paint - and hopefully then, the new series #2 and #3 will turn up. Set #1 here was good, but have to admit that it was set #2 that took my breath away. So hurry up, Seb ..... please :-D

And then I couldn't help it. I had to paint the little Peaseblossom (a winged pig, playing a lute) I got from White Knight as well. Peaseblossom is originally found on John Pickford's 2007 Frother's Unite Sculpting Contest entry - but has ended up with WK, and is now to be found in his "Hors Série". And I've heard someone whispering that the little hedgehog, playing the trumpet (one the same awesome diorama piece) is soon to be found in that range, as well! Another "must have" :-)

WKminis: WKHS-01: Peaseblossom

And just to show how small this guy is:

Oh, and then I shouldn't really forget telling, that the resin base is a 25mm DS Plain Dungeon Tile from Fenris Games and the awesome printable paper floor tile is made by Dave King.

Last on today's update is a rather mysterious little feller:

A unknown Dwarf Wizard

I know what it's supposed to be (at least I knew what colours scheme to use for him) :-) - but apart from that I have no recollection of whom, when, where or why - nor can I remember how it ended up in my lead pile!

- and for those reasons this little Dwarf Wizard here is perfect for the 6th Brush Slave painting challenge: "The Mystery Denisen from the bottom of the Box!" @ Chaos Dwarfs Online


  1. I LOVE the WK Champion...he looks great with a sword....consider that Idea Stolen! Does the sword arm just have the spear cut off and a sword added? or is it a new arm altogether?

  2. Thanks, Blue and feel free stealing the idea - if you (like me) can't wait till WK release his command figs.

    The pistol is a plastic hand from my bits box - probably from some 6th/7th ed. GW Dwarf Thunderers. The sword hand is done from a trimmed down WK pole arms - and then plastic card and a bulb of greens stuff.