Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Wargames Foundry Halflings

Last week, I told you of sculpts I knew of, but couldn't tell about/share - and then, a few days after most of what I know was revealed to us all. And what a pleasant surprise it was :-)

Last Friday (the 24th of February) there was an "Open Day" at Wargames Foundry - and man on the spot was Mr. The Dozing Dragon  - miniature forum activist, collector and a great hobbyist - and luckily he noticed all "the new" miniatures in the panting cabinets - including these fantastic Halflings:

All credit to The Dozing Dragon
Picture shows 10 halflings and a bar, but I think there could be a few more models than those seen here.

The halflings are about 19-20mm to their top of their head, so should go well with most modern Halflings.

All are sculpted to a very high standard and ooze of character. Exactly what you would expect from a "Hobbit" Lovely, lovely work by Mr. Pickford and I am very pleased to see that they are now on their way.

The Halflings were done by John back in late 2009/early 2010 and have been with Foundry's for a few years now. And we'll still have to wait some months before getting our hands on them. The rumour says that they are to be released late 2012 - and might be part of something "bigger" from Wargames Foundry.

Also, on the Open Day, was some of the cool concept artwork that was made for these excellent hobbits, shown - and with the courtesy of The Dozing Dragon I'm allowed to share his pictures of these here, too :

Really nice drawings and nice to see that the sculpts catch the same feel found in the drawings. Often hard transforming two dimensional art work into a 3D sculpt - but I think John did one hell of a job here.

And if you want to read more about the Foundry Open Day (or other interesting stuff from the miniature world) go check out TDD's newly started (or should I rather say re-awoken blog): Dear Tony :-)


  1. I can confirm that all the models on the concept art were made, as well as a rather porky pack pony called Philip, who is completed in old school style like the old LOTR/Marauder style.

  2. Thank you. Good to know that they have all been brought to "life".

    Any knowledge of what they are intended for? Too few for a fantasy battle halfling range - and looks more like civilian, than actual fighters!

  3. I never asked! I just do what I am told. The bar, staff and patrons were made without concept art ( the waitress has a particularly cheesy grin!), and there are also a couple of packs of adventurers with the aformentioned fat pony.

    I imagine they are more for roleplay than wargames. At the time, the Fantasy Foundry site was a while off, and I did suggest doing some halfling cavalry, but they moved onto something else.