Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: the Zweihänders (Dwarf Great Swords) from White Knight Minis - part 2

And finally ...... part 2 is here

Some of you might remember first batch of of White Knight Miniatures Dwarf Great Swords - or "Zweihänder" as he calls them - that I showed you back in November 2011 - now the good news is, that the second batch is now done and are being mastered as we speak.

WK announced this last Saturday (25th of February) at his blog/store - White Knight Miniature Imperium - and I have to admit, that I'm stunned by the quality of these. Each batch seems to be raising the bar for what can be done within this miniature line without compromising with the original idea, style or scale. Very well done, "Poshdwarf" and WK.

And without any further ado:

3th mulitipart rank and file

With the previous 2 bodies and 2 heads - you now have 3 bodies and 4 heads to make up your rank and files - now that's the possibility of doing 12 unique fillers - without taking into account that a great number of the existing heads will probably fit these bodies as well.

Standard bearer


Single piece - front rank #3

And my favourite of them all The flambergé (#4 single piece)

- and with his rubber duck pet :-P

So it looks like, that the first Elite sets will be:

Command group:
- a single piece champion
- a single piece standardbearer
- a single piece musician

Zwiehander Troopers:
- 4 single piece troopers

- 4 multipart troopers (the 3 bodies we know of (and maybe a slightly converted 4th one) and 4 separate heads)

If all goes well, we could expect seeing them already in April.

I'll soon be needing a nice little unit of 15 new dwarfs, I guess :-)

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