Thursday, May 31, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: More Foundry Halfling rumours

In todays newsletter from Wargames Foundry they announced that they - at the Summer Open Day 2012 (20th and 21th July) - will be running their new game: "God of Battles" written by Jake Thornton. Foundry invites all fantasy gamers to come and try out this new quick to play Tabletop Fantasy Game.
With the invitation came this little snapshot - now, take a good look:

..... cause yes, that's right - right there ... there is the long awaited John Pickford Halflings (with some human allied) up against WF beastmen. So, it looks like that the Halflings could be part of this new game.

Rules are probably out this summer. Hpefully we'll not have to wait that long for the Halflings.

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