Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Collecting John Pickford: You gotta love these Ogress

This time it's the new miniatures from Iron Mask Miniatures.

The Iron Mask Miniatures Kickstarter is very close, now. And not only will they give you the chance of getting the wonderful Musketeer Dwarfs - no, they will also try and bring out the most wonderful opponents for them - the Cardinal’s Guard Ogress.

And what beautiful sculpts they are:

Iron Mask Miniatures: Cardinal’s Guard Ogress

Awesome, awesome characters and seems sculpted with so much of love and passion. Excellent, excellent work - and these here really stands out as some of the best Pickford's ever.

Doesn't really show on the pictures, but the Ogress are another multi part project - so the complete set will give you a lot of different builds. Here you can see the parts, but I've been told that there will also be some daggers to go with them:

So keep an eye on Iron Mask Miniatures - certainly "One to Watch" :)

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