Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ewal Dvergar

For last round of the Brush Slave League I had to go with the Ewal Dvergar from my own little range of miniatures. Theme was actually doing mounted miniatures,but with this pile of pure new lead just arrived here, I just had to do some of them.

So here is my Round 8 - and final - team for the 2012/13 season:

A mixed bag as there is 4 set #2's, 1 set#1 and then an old Citadel Chaos Dwarf Crossbowman.

The 4 form set #2 are:

Clam Minis: Ewal Dvergar Core Warriors set #2

All using bits for the new set #2 release

Also a Dvergr from set #1 sneaked aboard. Was made ready for a previous entry but never finished. Round 8 seems like the right time doing him.

Clam Minis: Ewal Dvergar Core Warriors set #2

The 6th guy on this team is an old Citadel Chaos Dwarf Crossbow man. Reason for doing him was that John and I are actually planning on doing a Crossbow Warrior upgrade for the Ewal Dvergar. First step, has been creating a suitable crossbow, so this one here was sculpted and mastered with the second batch of Dvergar.
Having the crossbow in hand, I really had to see how it looked in the hands of a dwarf - and for that the Citadel Chaos Dwarf was perfect - and suits him quite well, I think :-)

Citadel: Chaos Dwarf Crossbow 2

And before I leave you all, I'd like to congratulate Jaeckel, Brush Slave Champion 2012/13. He did an incredible job, this hole season. A deserved winner of our second season. Way to go Jaeckel - and your prizes have just been sent.

Will look forward seeing your painted version of this BSL Mad Painter.

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  1. so many new cool dwarves! :)
    Is there an Warhammer army coming up sometime in the future?