Friday, October 18, 2013

Collecting John Pickford: Iron Mask Ogres

I've been given the chance of looking more closely into the KS Musketeer Ogres from Iron Mask Miniatures.

A bit embarrassing not posting these sooner - as I've had them laying here for quite some weeks. So sorry, Gary :-/ - you give me such a great opportunity and then I can't find the time giving them a prober review.

First the main bodies. There is 4 different poses. 1 static guard pose, a attack/"I'll jump on you" - pose and 2 dynamic "one the move" - giving you a good diversity and the chance for making some rather unique looking miniatures - should you go for multiple sets.


All are sculpted in a classic puff and slash clothing style and with lots of tiny little clothing details. Looks real nice. On all of them, you have the unique musketeer tabbard that float very nicely over the bodies.

The set will come with 4 different heads. In my "pre-view" set I got 3 different ones. 4th one can be seen on the Iron Mask Blog.

It's a great set of head paying homage to the classic classic Ogre figures of the ‘80s *cough*Marauder Miniatures*cough*. All with the classic Capitano/Cavalier Hat, of course - and some very nice big feathers.

I haven't assembled any of them yet, as I will probably paint these separately. But here is a few pictures of how they look on a body. A perfect match if you ask me :)

And like all the other Iron Mask miniatures Gary have had a shed.load of hands made. I have got thirteen different ones, but head that in the final sets there will also be some daggers (converted from the Rapiers)

Halberd, closed and open hands and dragon pistols

Rapiers - 3 left hands 3 right hands

So many options it will get hard choosing with ones to use :)

So, for those that got these .... they are certainly worth the money.

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  1. Man I'm super excited about these! Thanks for the close up preview.