Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brush Slave League - the 2013/14-season

It's been a long dry summer 2013. Not only did the garden suffer from it - but also for my wet palette and paints - hardly dare to open them to see :-)

Well, I need to get back on the track - so why not jump into it by announcing that the 2013/14 Brush Slave League is now officially open.

There has been a few tweaks on the rules - but still a monthly challenge with points, scoreboard and beautiful miniatures.

You can find all the details here at ChaosDwarfsOnline

But the challenge is open for all members - also new members ;)

And yes, I do know that the current banner is awful - but that's how far my skills goes. Must see if I can find G2 and bring him back to the site/competition - or perhaps someone want to give it a try?

Oh, almost forgot there is a Mad Painter and a trophy for the winner

- but don't do it for the prize, do it because you like painting miniatures.

G2 stopped by and did this spectacular one instead:

Thanks you, so much, George  :)

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