Sunday, February 23, 2014

Brothers in Art

And here's my latest entry for Brush Slave League 2013/14 - round 5.

For this round I chose to do my two Pickford Artisans. The first one is the Dwarf Artisan commissioned by the Collecting Citadel Miniatures (CCM) Yahoo! Group in 2010 - the other one is the LE Mad Painter BSL Prize miniature I had John doing last year.

The CCM Dwarf Artisan is a stonemason and comes with a work in process Dwarf King bust, but as the Mad Painter comes rather naked, I felt I had to come up with an idea for some "artwork" for him. I decided presenting him as a miniature painter and needed to find someting for his "Golden Demon" contribution. Had to be something Pickford and something small, so I picked a spare Foundry Imp/Familiar from the UND014 - Vinegar Tom pack based on a "plinth".

Brothers in Art

CCM Dwarf Artisan and bust

Clam Minis: BSL Mad Painter

Wargames Foundry: UND014 - Witches Familiar 

And like always, when using scenery bases, they come from awesome Fenris Games.


  1. Wonderful stuff Clam! The familiar in particular is fantastic! Love his base.

  2. Stunning painting Clam. I never even though about pairing the painter with the sculptor - I must dig mine out! Really nice complementary colour schemes too.

    If I had any teeny-tiny criticism, it's that I think the imp may have been more effective 'mid-paint' (perhaps top half painted, with paint drips running down the 'unpainted' legs. Overall though I think the group is very pleasing :)