Sunday, June 4, 2017

A lady in red

Or is she...? Cause a rather disturbed looking lady she is.

The miniature here is an early John Pickford miniature. I don't know exactly when she was made, but my guess would be in the early 2000s and she is probably the first human John did - and picture a female druid - but a druid with some necromantical abilities - and would easily go as a Necromancer in my games.

It's rather interesting seeing a human from this early period where most of John sculpts seems to be goblins or goblinoid inspired miniatures sculpted in a classic heroic fantasy style. So, quite nice to see him experimenting with the tiny female proportions spiced with some slightly large female attributes :) And I'm very happy having her in my collection.

That said, I'm not that keen on painting female miniatures. Females rarely suits my painting style, but I've tried hard keeping the transition subtle and the skin as light as possible. Worked to some degree but I definitely need more practise on this subject.

Female Druid (Private collection)

For those who might like to see the original unpainted miniature you can find her on the Wikia - here:


  1. I indeed wouldn't have labeled her as a druid and she is a rather strange character. A bit like she is costumed for a play or as a lead singer for a Heavy metal band.
    Her rear is quite good, but the front is a bit lacking in my opinion. If the torso was a bit more covered and her dress more detailed I think she would have looked far better.
    I think you did a great paintjob though and the base looks ace.

  2. She's a very nice figure - I wouldn't mind having one in my collection! The red leather outfit and dark hair is a very striking paint job. Great stuff!