Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Collecting John Pickford: Dwarf Skiers from the OS Miniatures Company

After a successful Kickstarter for Alpine Gnomes (sculpted by Byron Harmon) the OS Miniatures Company is now planing their next Kickstarter - and an exciting one it is.

Their next Kickstarter will be about Skiing Dwarfs - a set of multi-parted dwarf skiers - all sculpted by John Pickford.

Here's a pre-view (taken from Facebook, courtesy Jamie Loft) of what we can expect seeing, later this year:

I can't wait - can you?

If you want to learn more you should keep an eye on their Facebook-page - here:


  1. Skiing dwarfs, how crazy can you go😊.
    I look forward to seeing these ones.

  2. I had a single skiing dwarf many years ago (I think it was a Citadel figure).

    Those look cool, but I wish they're weren't so multi-parted. I haven't seen a lot of multi-part metal figures that are easy to put together or able to stand up to much handling. One of the few exceptions are the musketeers dwarves from Iron Mask Miniatures. The reason those work, in my opinion, is the hands have deep gloves that give more surface area for attaching to the arms and the heads have enough of a hole to also give a good connection to the necks. I'm not even sure why some of the parts of some multi-part minis need to be separate (such as the separate feet on these).

  3. Not that crazy if you fancy 3rd edition WFB...