Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A nosey reporter

It's been almost two and a half year since the house move and I'm still struggling finding stuff in the "new" man cave.

A few days ago I started looking for a magazine - the "Wargames Illustrated Paints". Needed a recipe for painting old grey wood I knew where in there. I knew exactly where I've put it in the old house. Right there! On the shelve, above my desk. Here in the new cave those shelves are now filled with organizers and all my miniature basing materials. Whoever made such a decision, I don't remember 😧

So I had to start to look elsewhere. During this raid of shelves, cupboards, boxes etc. I came by a lots of old and forgotten little gems. One of them was a miniatures blister pack of Copplestone Casting 1920s Gangsters.

Gangsters, I thought? Where, do they come from? Cause that's not a wargaming period that I've ever paid much attention to. The blister was called "GN9 - Sleuths", but it didn't ring any bell - and I wondered what idea I had when purchase those.

I opened the blister pack and gave them a closer look. And that soon made it crystal clear why ... cause in here were a certain young nosey reporter and his four legged loyal companion - a little Wire Fox Terrier - Mark Copplestone's not-Tintin and not-Snowy (or Terry, as he is called up here). My all time favourite comic hero. They just screamed for getting painted.

Couldn't resist such a call - and here they are - the little nosey duo.

Copplestone's Casting: GN9 - Sleuths

I tried paint him in a comic style with some clear element outlining (black lining). Came close to what I pictured when starting out - and happy to finally finish them. God only knows when these where picked up.

And for the Wargames Illustrated Paints-guide ....! Didn't show up. Actually gave up and have ordered a new copy 😊


  1. Thats such a fun range. Not a period I'm into,but I've used some of the heads for conversion head swaps.

  2. Actually over here it's Kuifje and Bobby :) lovely paintjob, great color matching with the original comic book tones.