Saturday, April 30, 2011


Today is again a little plug for another very interesting new skirmish game.

This time it's the Relic game from Tor Gaming. I instantly fell in love first time I ever saw the miniature line for this game. Nothing I'd ever seen before. Such a wonderful experience seeing someone do something complete new.

A few words about Relic (from Tor Gaming's site):
In Relics, players control forces comprising of several units as diverse as black powder musket wielding dolls to clockwork powered fighting machines to battle for the fate of the world and see their faction to victory. Forces of magic saturated elemental creatures battle against creatures of teeth and claw. Using a fast paced core mechanic, the game delivers furious action on the table top. Players must use their tactical genius to out manoeuvre their opponent before delivering the killer blow. Relics is a miniatures table top wargame in the 28mm scale range.
And a few days ago the final alpha rules has become available, and I cant hardly wait to give them a try.

The rules are available for free download - from here:,490.msg0/boardseen.html#new

The miniature line holds 3 factions for now. The Orcnar (the brutal beasts), the Vaettir (Natural spirit kind of race created by the gods themselves) - and my favourites the Britanan, the spooky animated mechanical rag dolls race.

So, they had to go first.

Relic (Tor Gaming) Britanan Troopers

It's certainly a fresh new breath in the fantasy gene, and if your got the chance and have time - you should really take a look at Tor Gaming.

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