Friday, April 8, 2011

Waiting for the Worms ...

Feels like that these days. Have a fractured disk in my lower back, so am off work, laying most of the day in bed - and eating a hell of a lot of pain killers. And still waiting for further examination at the hospital - and then the final 'judgement' - whether surgery can help me or not.

But have a few good hours here and there. So to remain sane - I have been painting a little. Mainly tried finishing some of all the unfinished business sitting around my desk.

So lets start with one of those. An old Ral Partha Beholder. Started painting him some months ago, but base wasn't done - and eyes needed a bit more work, too. Perfect little projects that allows me to come and go as I 'pleases'.

Ral Partha 11-401 Beholder

I'm a sucker for Eyes - and really like this old model here - but it's nothing compared to the Eye coming out from Otherworld Miniatures in a few days time. Really looking forward getting that model.

Next, we have, what was supposed to be my entry for the Painting Challenge at Theme for that on was 'Hunter or prey' - and I had the most wonderful John Pickford miniature made ready for that. But my weak health prevented me from entering :-(

But now, my entry is now finally done, so here is Dave, the Goblin from Hasslefree Miniatures or more precise, perhaps: 'Dave, the Demon Slayer'.

Hasslefree Miniatures - HFW002 Dave the Goblin

And then I found time to show them Cultists from Four A Miniatures I preview a few weeks ago a little attention. I've been trying hard to hunt down some classic Citadel ADD79 Mind Flayers for quite some time - but it's almost impossible finding. So, when I say these Adam Gayford Sculpts I immediately decided getting them and to use them as Mind Flayer proxies. The are a bit more squigmen than classic Mind Flayers, but I really didn't mind - only thing that really bothered me was the tentacle arms Adam has given them. So, they had to go - and was replaced with some plastic hands from the Mantic Ghouls.

Four A Miniatures - Cultist's (My Mind Flayer Conversions)

Really, really like how the turned out. Didn't follow the original description about there looks (mauve coloured skin - and 'four' black purpled face tentacles) - as I from the very start had chosen to go for the orange clothes look. So, gave them a more greyish coloured skin instead - but kept the three red fingers (at least) ;)

And it ain't all misery and pain, here. This here came through post yesterday - and really made my day. 1.8 kg pure miniature metal:

Yes, it's Mr. Pickford's Otherworld Giant :-) A gigantic miniature. Never seen anything like it. An absolutely wonderful miniature. Comes even with the 3 most fantastic head choices as well. Will have to find a way to magnetise them - so I can use all 3 (any tips are welcome). And will he ever get painted, you might ask? Well .... ? :-D

That's all from me. Hopefully you found something you liked. But before I go, want to say welcome to a new follower, Warduke. A friend from The OW forum. I'm glad to see you here, Warduke - and hope you'll enjoy your stay.

Have a nice weekend.


  1. Sorry to hear about your health issues Clam. There's some really nice work going on here, well done!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the giant!

  2. Thx man,glad to be here,hope you get to feeling better so ya can get back to what you enjoy doing most....which I assume is painting miniatures ;)

  3. Glad to have you here. And yes, I do enjoy painting, but most enjoyable is spending time with my wife and kids, but when that's sorted out - miniature painting is probably the second best thing I like doing - that or surfing the net taking about it.

    And for health, I hope for a soon recovery soon. Afraid surgery is inevitable, now. In lots and lots of pain - but the few good hours I have is spend ... paint...! - 'with wife and kids, of course' ;)

    And Duke, thanks - have no ambitions painting that giant right know (if ever). Haven't ever painted anything that big before (aside from tanks and planes, of course)- but I simply had to own this miniature.

  4. Oh yes,I forgot to mention that I've linked your page to my own,in hopes of generating more traffic in either direction,if you'd like I could always use an extra follower added to my page as well.

  5. Thx clam,P.S. there's a good chance in the near future of having a few ex-TSR designers do some interviews for the page.