Friday, February 1, 2013

Bring on the Party

Slightly delayed, but here is the miniatures I did for the Brush Slave League (BSL), round 2. Again it was a "free" round to do whatever you wanted to do.

So what better excuse then to build something I've been planning doing for quite some time .... a Bugman's ...  Pickford's Cart, of course - or shall we call it a scratch build Dwarfs Ale Cart with a converted WK Dwarf as a driver and a WK pony for power.

So, out with the green stuff and plastic card - all done during Christmas :)

Pickford's Cart - WIPs

Plastic card is used to give it the right form and all flat surfaces was then
covered with Green Stuff to give it a nice wooden texture.

Some old Citadel Cart Wheels are re-used

Driver is converted to be sitting by cutting off the legs and then re-positioned them

- and a right hand sculpted from ProCreate

And the finished Pickford's Cart ready for painting
So nothing special, but quite effective IMO. Ohh, and Barrel is something I picked up from fantastic Pardulon Models a few years ago.

Pickford's Cart - Painted

And here's the painted piece:

I am quite pleased with the final result, actually. Now who needs an original OOP Citadel Bugman's Cart when you can have a Pickford one (though, the right word would probably be "White Knight's Cart" - but that doesn't really "taste" right, does it).

And for those that knows the BSL format wound know that an entry can't just be this single miniature, so needed to find someone/something that would be needing all that "Ale".

First one I found with the right feel was an old OOP Marauder Miniatures MM15 Crossbowman

Marauder Miniatures: MM15 Crossbowman

Last one I found, that  fits the "bring the Beer, let's have a Party"-theme was White Knight Miniatures Zweihänder Sergeant, which is one of the absolute best Pickford Dwarfs till day. Such a great little character that I hope we'll see more of in the years to come.

White Knight Miniatures: WKD-13 - Dwarf Zweihänder Sergeant

Wonderful, wonderful sculpt and such a great pleasure painting.

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  1. Great scratch-building/conversion work on the cart & driver.