Sunday, February 10, 2013

Collecting John Pickford: 2nd Down and "Goal"

It's has been a bit quite about "Axiom/Exoditejon" (the guy behind the Gaming Cantina event miniatures), and his new Fantasy Football venture Beast Face Miniatures, but the 2nd set seems pretty close now and we can expect an official release of the first sculpted John Pickford Fantasy Football team soon.

Three lovely new Beasts - a three-armed thrower, an unhelmeted lineman, and a helmet/visor and claw-endowed blitzer. Brings the team up to 6 beautiful Beastmen in total.

Just love all the muscular structures and the dynamic poses, I'm really impressed and look forward adding them to my collection.

Not really into Fantasy Football, but shouldn't hold me back, should it? :-D

And speaking of what's in my possession ... :) I've actually already got one of the first set ones. Due to damaging during moulding the set #1 lineman's right hand thumb came loose and turned into a claw, rather than a thumb. "Axiom" have kindly let me have one of these for my collection of "John Pickford Obscurities"  :)
Not only is it a fun little piece to have, but also gave me access to a pre-view of the crisp quality of these fantastic new miniatures. Thanks, Jon :)

A view of the mis-casted right hand thumb

And you can, of course, read a lot more about Beast Face on the Official Blog.

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