Friday, April 13, 2018

MM90 painting countdown: 24

Like said earlier this week, I've challenged my good friend, Sjoerd Trowee in a MM90 Paintaton. Last Friday, Sjoerd called the MM90/5D as our next subject and I'm to paint that one, now.

Sjoerd finished it Monday, and then posted his piece on the blog. He did a stunning job.

Sjoerds mission is to replicate the original paintjob from the Marauder Miniature Catalogue - or as close as he can with the limited supply he is destined to being deployed in the Arabian dessert. Where I'm going to try out a more modern approach - and try prove that they still have a place in mordern war gaming.

Here's Sjoerd's finished piece - but do take a look at the blog as well:

Am I the only one who's missing an important part to call this one "done"...? Pretty sure something important is missing ... it's not a shield as it's a two-handed weapon ... but still something ...?

Well, never mind - cause I'm down on 23, now - let me present "Mr. Red":

Marauder Miniatures: MM90/5d

Now, that's what i call a finished piece, mate - note the little round thingy he is sitting on ;-) Muahahaha! :-D

And then, I'm to call the next one ... I might be down on 23, but Sjoerd is on 21 and have already painted the MM90/5a, MM90/5c and d, so why not let him complete the MM90/5s - I would have called the "ever so sort after" Marauder Chaos Dwarf Crossbowman - the MM90/5b, but it seems like Sjoerd has left that one back in Holland. So rather than wait for him collecting it - I'm calling another one - another guy with an awesome face mask - the MM90/6b - so Mr. Trouwee it's time for you painting yellow, hi hi hi :-D

Unpainted, Saturday 14th April 2018 08:54 am CEST


  1. He is beautiful, one of my favourite sculpts (so good Aly used him twice!). Small problem, i don't have the crossbow bloke with me here in the desert... mind choosing another? Ill send u a pic tomorrow with what i have available here...

    1. Yeah it's great. Difficult pose to do right with those short arms.
      And just let me know what's available to you and we'll save the Crossbowman for a future round.

  2. 6b it is! You have seen the unpainted ones yesterday, but ill document proof this time also. Again spelling my name wrong >:-(

    1. And I can't persuade you changing it, can I? :) I shall try concentrate Mr. Sjoerd Trouwee (better?)