Sunday, April 29, 2018

MM90 Painting Countdown: Next challenge MM90/6c

Sjoerd has announced the next challenge. This time on our old Chaos Dwarfs forum - CDO  ...?

Playing hide and seek with me, he is! Obviously trying to make it hard for me finding the next subject for painting so he can gain the upperhand. Dirty tricks, I call it ... :)

This is going to be a hard one finishing in time - and I got off to a bad start because my copy hasn't even been cleaned. And will need a few more hours in acetone.

But i shall try do the MM90/6c


  1. and now in the blog also:

  2. Hurry up my friend...

  3. I will and I will be looking forward getting it out of it's way. Worst miniature in the range. Can't believe Aly sculpted this one... It's awful.

  4. Maybe trish helped him out on this one ;)

    1. Wouldn't surprise me if she gave a helping hand here ;)