Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A visitor from Hell

First, welcome to follower no. 5 - Kingofdaveness :-) - and seeing you here makes me very, very guilty - but I'll promise you, that I'll start painting some of your awesome BeDerken Dwergs very soon. 

On to another apology! So sorry, to have let you all wait this long. It's be a hectic month for me - and the next 18 days don't look less hectic. Don't you just hate when real life is killing your hobby?

But Saturday night I finnaly got the chance of do a bit of painting. Last week I had the most wonderful little parcel from the another awesome little miniature manufacturer - Four A Miniatures. Inside the box was 7 miniatures done by Paul Muller - and I couldn't help it. I had to start paint the little four armed demon - straight away. Finished the base last night, so here it is:

Four A Miniatures: Four armed Demon 

Due the cold weather here - I can't use spray primer - so I have to use ordinary black paint and brush it on. I hate that as it don't stick that well to the models - and paints then chip of so easily. So if anyone know a good brush on primer - please leave a comment here.

But apart from that, it's a fantastic miniature painting. The muscular structures are done so well - and the 3 eyes and the belly maw is so wonderful detailed and adds lots of character to the model.

Hope you like him - cause I do :-)

Loved him so much, that I had to nominated it as best fantasy miniature at the TGN 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards - so, why not go over there and vote for him - or for one of the other cool miniatures nominated?