Friday, May 24, 2013

Eeny, meeny, miny ...

And finally......, some new painted stuff :)

Have so many unfinished models standing on my desk and on those rare occasions, where I have the chance of painting something, it seems like I start painting something new  .... :-/

But I did finish something. and again it was for my baby the Brush Slave League @CDO. For this round I'd chose to do more of me own range of miniatures, so I graped three of the pre-glued and primed ones standing on my shelf.

Again they where a great pleasure painting, so can't really tell you why I haven't painted more of them, yet. Seems like creating new ones with John steals my focus of what this is all about, cause it really is all about painting.

Clam Minis: Ewal Dvergar Core Warriors set #1 (+)
"Plus" because, as a trained eye will see, santa's head is from the coming set #2

You will probably not love them as much as I do, but I still hope you can see the beauty in these little gems. Enjoy!

Oh! - and I also did this little shot of them, but didn't enter this picture as it's way to clean.

Guess, I better go build some dark, more sinister terrain if I want to do this kind of picture ;-)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Collecting John Pickford: Knightly Orders (part 2)

The Knightly Orders (originally poster here) from White Knight Miniatures are getting closer an actual release date.

On Facebook, these three pictures was posted during the weekend:

WK Minis: Knightly Orders - barded ponies

WK Minis: the Knights

WK Minis: Knightly Command

Look at those :-o

Excellent stuff, but I have to admite that I'm looking more forward to the themed knightly orders WK has promised us. All those feathers ... :-\ ... must have been a nightmare sculpting and will be a pain painting.

And those ponies calls for a chaotic conversion, don't they? ;-)

Collecting John Pickford: Pickford's Chaotic Creations

Andy Coleman (from awesome Four A Miniatures) have been teasing me for months about some chaotic dwarfs John Pickford has been doing for him, but he had kept them hidden form me (and us) - and just teased me about how awesome they were. He did however hint that they were to be mastered soon - and that there might be some spare casts ready in time for Salute 2013.

Luckily, I was invited to London by my wife (our anniversary present to each other) the weekend around Salute 2013 - and other than spending good quality time with my wonderful (and very forgiving) wife, I had the pleasure visiting the biggest UK Wargaming Show and the chance of metting Sir Andy in person (as he had a trad stand at the show) - so herhaps I could even get my hands of these pre-released miniatures, if ready.

And Andrew didn't let me down :) Masters had arrived just in time for Salute and he had brought a few copies to be sold at the show. When I finally found Andy (yes, the show is really that big) he started out telling they'd sold out so fast, and that there wasn't any left - but when he saw me getting pale and starting sweating, he dug out a nice little zip-locked bag with my name on. God, was I pleased to see those? - and what a beautiful sight it was. Inside I found 4 wonderful creations - a awesome dwarf castle duo thingy, a werewolf-dwarf, a lizarddwarf and a Razorback-dwarf. All so full of character and with some wonderful little details. All cast in the usually high 4A Miniatures quality - so they were certainly worth the trip to ExCel.

Thank you, Andy - will have to see how I can repay such great favour.

Oh! - and would you like to see them, too? :-)

Okay, here the are - not sure what the name of this little range will be yet - but for now, let's call them

Four A Miniatures: "Pickford's Chaotic Creations"

They are not up for general sale, yet, but if you ask "nicely", Andy might be able to sort something out for you. You'll find him at the 4A-Miniatures Store or on Facebook.

And don't forget to ask him about the new super awesome Paul Muller stuff, and the 4th Kev Adams Goblin-set, and the wonderful Shane Hoyle pieces (a cool dwarf warlord and a nice female dwarf with a baby). Saw so much great new stuff on his stand, but didn't bring my camera, of course :-(