Saturday, November 23, 2013

Collecting John Pickford: More Dwarf Knightly Orders

Guess most of you have already seen this at the White Knight blog or on the various forums and social media they have been posted on.

But this release will also have relevance on here as well .... :) - cause White Knight and John Pickford have been doing  probably made the most significant release for the Renaissance Dwarf range till day - the knightly order upgrades.

Back in May, White Knight released the first heavy cavalry/Knights for the dwarf range. A great release, with knights wearing helmets and big feathers etc. - nothing wrong with with that of course, but especially the command set reviled that more knightly orders need to get done.

And they are here - and certainly worth waiting for. 3 new knightly orders are coming:

The Order of the Great Bear, aka the Templar Knights of Ursa Major 

The Order of the White Boar

The Order of the Raven, Templar Knights of the God of Death

This release leave me speechless. Don't really know what to say - other than 'when'?

Incredible work, John an WK :-D

And for more information and pictures - check out the White Knight Miniature Imperium-blog

Collecting John Pickford: Interesting observations from Wargames Foundry

Those that have been following the developement at Wargames Foundry will know that the Ansell's have taken over full management of Wargames Foundry, again.
Not only have they been re-releasing lots and lots of miniatures thought "lost" - but the Ansell's (Bryan and Marcus) have also been willing to share lots of information about Foundry, the Foundry history and all the miniatures they have moulded over they years. It's been a great joy following.

At Facebook/Pinterest I came cross these interesting pictures and comments from Bryan Ansell - relevant for my collecting quest :)

Certainly news to me. Know that there's some Orc Comannd figures (to go with Kev Adam's Orc) out there that John had his hands on, but not 100% sure which ones - nor am I sure that John remember's, either!
And I haven't even got all the current available Pickford Foundry's (I know of) yet - and now these Dwarfs ....! Well, shouldn't complain really - as it's only just more stuff to collect :-D

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Goblin Rocketeer

It's been one long dry season for new paintings from me, but Kick Off of the 3th Brush Slave League season - should really kick start my painting, I hope.

First round entry was a mix of all the things I like the most - scratch building and converting with a twist of Pickford.

I have, of course, bought the John's GoblinAid contribution - the Gobbomobile (now available from Ral Partha Europe as "the Green Baron"). The Gobbomobile has a nice Fantasy vibe to it - and therefore perfect for some Goblin Air Support :)

Build a small ramp out of plastic strips and balsa wood - and posed the Gobbomobile like it just ready for being launched.

RPE/GoblinAid: GA24 John Pickford's Green Baron

From some spare Foundry Spear-Goblin I build some ground personal as well: 

- and the hole unit can now proxy as a Goblin Doom Diver or another goblin air support device.

Really enjoyed doing this - and pretty pleased with the end result. But, what do you think?