Thursday, May 31, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: More Foundry Halfling rumours

In todays newsletter from Wargames Foundry they announced that they - at the Summer Open Day 2012 (20th and 21th July) - will be running their new game: "God of Battles" written by Jake Thornton. Foundry invites all fantasy gamers to come and try out this new quick to play Tabletop Fantasy Game.
With the invitation came this little snapshot - now, take a good look:

..... cause yes, that's right - right there ... there is the long awaited John Pickford Halflings (with some human allied) up against WF beastmen. So, it looks like that the Halflings could be part of this new game.

Rules are probably out this summer. Hpefully we'll not have to wait that long for the Halflings.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back in the saddle

Just a little something I did for the monthly challenge at

Theme this month was "Back in the saddle" and I had recently picked up the most perfect miniature for this theme. So, actually not that much of "challenge".

Late 2011, Adam Gayford (WhiffWaff) made an excellent "Mounted Orc" representing an Orc mounted on a Hobby Horse pushed by another Orc/Ogre. Adam announced the miniature was up for sale and it didn't take long before the sculpt was sold and later showed up at Mark Dixon's fantastic little company CP Models.

Adam Gayford's greens as seen on

I couldn't resisted the temptation and had to pick it up. Not sure what to use it for, though - so the model have been sitting on my desk for months - but with the announcement of the painting challenge, I instantly knew what I had to do.

But as my goblin collection is growing I came up with an idea using the miniature for as mount for a Goblin Hero/Character. So a quick look through the goblin collection and I picked out a Goblin Wolf Rider Commander for the Wargames Foundry Goblin range (yes, it's a Pickford - can't help it). So replaced the Orc rider with a Goblin and gave the Ogre a little facejob to bring him more in line with the Pickford style.

And turned out like this:

Kit bash: CP Models Mounted Orc meets Foundry Goblin Commander

Came up with the Blue/Orange goblin colour scheme rather late, so now I kind of regret the red jacket on the Ogre. Think I might redo that ....? Think an orange one will suit him better :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Wiki Update

Have just finished adding lots of cool new toys to the Collecting John Pickford Wiki.

Updated the "White Knight Miniatures" section with the new Zweihänder (Command, action poses and Rank and file), Core Infantry Command and then some limited/unreleased stuff - like this set of Goblin heads:

and this mastered, but re-sculpted Zweihänder in action pose:

Unreleased version (left) vs. production run Zweihänder  (right)

And then, two new pages has been added to the Wiki. First, a new sub-page on the Wargames Foundry section as I've created a new page for the Foundry Demons, so they are now on there own. Picked up the BCDM1 - Despoiling Demons Of Death And Destruction Collection. Have received most of it know, but still awaiting the syill "unseen" Golztariusbous The Ever Turning and then Blaquevousled The Bringer Of Terror came without it's head :(

- so you'll have to wait a bit with those two. Till then go check them out. Rather cool sculpts and here is a few teasers:

Second new page is dedicated Four A Miniatures and their Pickford adventure. First miniature, the Nezumi Rat is yet to be released, but I think he'll be out very soon. And more coming, hopefully - so don't forget keeping an eye on Four A Miniatures.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Rat Attack

Told you about this miniature the other day. I think it's a brilliant one and I have now been given the chance of getting him a bit early (before his official release). So, felt an urgent need for painting him straight away. Just finished the base (glues probably still wet) but thought I'll share him with you.

The miniature is an Oriental Ratman (Nezumi), sculpted by John Pickford and will be available from Four A Miniatures, soon. Probably meant for some kind of Fantasy Samurai Wargaming, but can surely find a place in my fantasy setting, too.

Four A Miniatures: Nezumi

Really like this one here and do hope that Andrew (@FourA) will consider having a few more made. Would certainly look good with a two handed pole weapon like a Naginata - but also a two sword version (short bladed swords like Wakizashi or Tanto) would look good. And I'm pretty sure that a long bow (Yumi) would go well with the rat as well.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brush Slave League - Round 3

We are now well ahead with the Brush Slave League (@ Chaos Dwarfs Online) and round 3 have just finished, so it's time to share my round 3 entry.

Like most rounds, round 3 didn't have any strict theme so I used the opportunity to start next regiment of Pickford Dwarfs (White Knight miniatures). As I want an army with all kind of different colours cross the army I went for a blue/yellow colour scheme for the Pikemen. The pikemen unite will not only be made from White Knight Miniatures, though, as I have a almost complete MB1 - Dwarf Regiment from Marauder Miniatures - and want to use those as base for this unite, and then bulk it up with Pickford's.

The trained eye will spot the use of square bases ....! Originally this project was just to build a small skirmish army for smaller games, but the WK range is growing bigger and bigger and then I have re-found an interest for playing large scale table top games with rankable units, so I will now try and group the core troopers in units of 20-25 models.

And you might also spot the use of terrain in the first picture :) - cause that's another project, as I'll be needing a gaming table. So I'm working on a modular gaming board and some terrain pieces, too.

First piece was this "hill":

Can't actually remember when I last did terrain, but I was a lot of fun doing so will most certainly be doing more.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Nezumi (Oriental Ratman) from Four A Miniatures

And here is another one for you. Have been sitting on this piece of information for quite some time now, but now Andrew Coleman (owner of Four A Miniatures) have made the official announcement and I can now share this little beauty with you all.

John Pickford has done Andy a Ratman in a Samurai Warrior kind of style. Most suited for Oriental Fantasy war gaming of course, but without much work he can easily be used in most Fantasy gaming, IMO.
Hopefully this is one here will just be the first of a series of cool "Four A-Pickford" sculpts.

The Ratman is not officially released yet, but is due out within the next few months - but Andy has kindly offered me a spare copy from the mastering process :)

Four A Miniatures: Nezumi 
Crisp metal Cast
My assembled model

Collecting John Pickford: New releases from White Knight miniatures

Have previously showed you all the green , but now all the new releases are here in shiny new white metal.

So lots of new Pickford-stuff is out from White Knight Minis:

You can check them all out at the White Knight Miniature Imperium-blog, but here is a small teaser:

And while you are there, you should also check out the Kev Adams Goblins. Especially the Goblin Character: Gob de Leon. He is really something special. And if you look closely you'll find a rather nice Brad Shier Noble Halfling in there as well :-)