Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Zealot Miniatures Classic Demon

August has really been the month for new Pickford Sculpts - and it ain't even over yet :)

This time it's a huge Demon done for Zealot Miniatures

From their announcement 13th August 2012 about their two big releases:

"..... Secondly, the classic Demon is available in resin, sculpted by the awesome John Pickford, and standing 55mm tall! Perfect for any worshipper of dark powers or for a boss in your dungeon."

Pictures where a bit tricky to get from their Flash Player page - but here is a screen dump of the beast:

Zealot Miniatures: Classic Demon

Another great example of how to sculpt skin and muscular structures. Looks real good, but guess that many people will now come asking ask for a winged variant.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Duck Season

Nothing we haven't already seen, I know - but will let you know that the new Pickford-stuff from White Knight Miniatures are now up for purchase.

It's a rather significant release he has this time with all the new Kev Adams releases (Goblins and Halfling Upgrades) - but in this huge pile of new stuff you'll also find the few new Pickford's:

WK Minis: Zweihänder Sergeant

WK Minis: Dwarfs Light Cavalry Command Set

WK Minis: Hors Série Rubber Ducks

Time to spend some money - again :-)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Foundry Halflings review

As announced previously on this very blog the Foundry's Halflings is now out and today my little set arrived.

I've been looking forward seeing these in person, and wasn't disappointed.

Castings are of the usual Foundry standard - so you have the usual flash to remove (from air vent and injection points) and some cleaning on some vague mould lines. All in all great casts.

Being packed as sets they have obviously been bent a bit. Mainly the long/thin and pointy bits - like fork, spear and other weapon bits - has suffered from be packed. But all these was gently stretched out and put back into shape. Two miniatures was bent by the ankles (they come with the usual solid bases). Those joint are extremely fragile as the legs are very thin, but I managed to make the stand up, without breaking them by the feet.

So here is how the look:

Foundry: HF001 Halfling Adventures

Foundry: HF002 Halfling Villagers

Foundry: HF003 Halfling Militia

Foundry: HF004 Drinking time at Old Bold Bullmoons Bar
also includes a Bar

Really like all of them and they are so full of personality and character. Really like how John took on this project, and how close he got to the original artwork. And they are a worthy alternative to the various halfling ranges out there.

So how do they mix with other ranges ...?

There is a slightly size difference within the sets, but nothing of real impotents. Here is a picture of the size variation across the foundry sets:

You might find them a bit on the big side compared to older halfling ranges (and a few new ones to), but nothing you can't go with.

The are, however, probably a bit more "cartoony", than some ranges and that might not please all. But I like them a lot, and they are exactly in a style that I can use and love painting.

So for all the scale fascists out there (myself included) - here is a comparison  across various ranges (I could find):

Old Citadel LOtR Frodo, Hasslefree, Heresy, Foundry, Old Citadel
C-Range, Darkling Games, White Knight Miniatures
I think most of them will work rather well with existing Halflings :-)

The only bad thing I can think of was the little handwritten message on my invoice. The note said: "at present we have no plans to release more Halflings. We hope you enjoy these four packs, though" - such bad decision, if you ask me :-(

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Footballing Beastmen by Beast Face Miniatures

Not John's usual genre, but certainly worth a mentioning here.

"Axiom"/"Exoditejon", the guy behind the Gaming Cantina event miniatures (like the Bodyguard Lizard Centaur and Howling Banshee), has started his own little venture into the mysterious Fantasy Football Miniature World. A venture named: Beast Face Miniatures.

The project is still very much WIP, but he has just given a first pre-view of his coming Footballing Beastmen sculpted by John.

These here are the set #1 miniatures and this first set includes a Beastman Thrower, a Blitzer and a Lineman. These three here are the first of a planned set of six. After mastering, these will be basis for a converted set no. 2.

The miniatures are based on some cool artwork/designs by Roberto Cirillo.

It's been quite a while since we last saw John working on some prober beasts, but he certainly not forgotten how to sculpt them - just take a look at the muscular structures and the dynamic poses, I'm so impressed. And the will certainly stand out on most gaming pitches.

You can follow the project here:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Clam Minis Ewal Dvergar set #1

Shamelessly plugging my own line of miniatures: the Ewal Dvergar. Monday, the long awaited "production" casts arrived and I now have multiple sets of the core warrior - set #1.

What a great set of miniatures all due to the great work from John and Griffin Moulds:

Check out the Ewal Dvergar-blog, should you like getting some ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Foundry's Halflings are here

The wait is over :) The long awaited Halflings from Wargames Foundry are finally here, or "there" but should be "here" within the next couple of days, I hope.

I made an enquiry regarding these on sunday, and yesterday I got an answer back from Foundry (Marcus Ansell) saying, that the Halflings have appeared to be listed as unreleased on the website which was rather strange since they were on the shelves in the shop! That "problem" should have been fixed by now.

And when login in to their store I found these wonderful four packs of Halflings:

Can't hardly wait to get them.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: White Knight Miniatures: Late Summer Release

While I've been on holiday in Portugal, White Knight Miniatures have been quite busy and will soon have next batch of Pickford Dwarfs up for purchase.

- and what an exciting set of miniatures :)

First, the long awaited, commands for the awesome pony riders light cavalry:

Two brand new bodies so you can field a group leader (with the option of two different heads, and a sword/pistol option for the right hand) and then a mucisian. In here, you'll also find a pole arm that which is an upgrade for the existing standard light cavalry. I've already build a command group from the existing range of miniature - but will certainly get these, too.

Also coming is a Sergeant for the Zweihänder elite infantry (Great weapons):

This is probably the best sculpt in the range till day. A wonderful character with lot of personality and attitude. I really hope well see more single piece characters - of this standard - for the dwarf range.

Last we have something rather weird. Not real sure what the WK team have been drinking/smoking when the came up with the idea with these RUBBER DUCKS!

Absolutely no idea what to use them for, but still "must haves". So weird, but also so wonderful.

And while you're visting WK Miniatures why not check out the next Goblin release? Certainly worth a look, too. This Kev Adams Range is really take a turn in my direction now. Especially the new Morion-helmet heads makes the Gobbo range so much more tasty (IMO).