Sunday, June 28, 2015

Collecting John Pickford: News from Otherworld

Otherworld Miniatures have recently released two new monsters by John Pickford.

I'm so happy finally seeing Otherworld bringing out Pickford monsters again. They've focused way to much on PCs/NPCs, if you ask me. Not that Kev Adams, David Soderquist, Patrick Keith, John Winter and Ian Mountain didn't do a spectacular job doing the Adventures-range, but to me, Otherworld has always been all about the monsters - and Pickford monsters in particular.

The two newly released monsters are the long awaited Xorn and the Landshark.

Xorn, is my all time favorite D&D monster and I am so pleased, that Otherworld has asked John to do him. That said, the Land-shark *cough* Bulette *cough* (as most will know it as) is a real piece of art. It's an incredible, huge and a most beautiful sculpted piece, so I'll forgive them casting it in resin.  .

Otherworld Miniatures: DM33 – Xorn
DM33 Xorn blister pack

Xorn bits

Otherworld Miniatures: WE22 – Landshark

WE22 Land-shark blister pack

Sorry for the un-assembled Xorn - but I will move him up the painting queue, so you can see this weird 3 armed/legged monster.

Till then, check it out at the Otherworld online store. And while there, perhaps you might like to take a look at Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish rulebook, now on pre-order (as it looks very, very tempting) :)

@ Wouter Wolput, the Lan-Shark it a big chunky piece.58mm long - 42mm high - and quickly made this comparison for you:
OW Goblin, Citadel Dwarf, Land-Shark, Crusuader Gladiator, Foundry Viking, WWW2 Red Skull (all 3 true scale 28mm)