Sunday, March 29, 2020

Nominus Malus

So, if newly painted miniatures are priority one on here and collecting John Pickford comes second, what would then be third priority? Easy - "Chaos Dwarfs", definitely. And to be exact old-school classic Chaos Dwarfs.

Yesterday, I picked up a small box at the post office. Due to all the new corona virus restrictions here only 3 persons were allowed at the same time in the post office line up, but I waited patiently in safe distance for my turn, cause I had high hope of what it would be. And I wasn't let down, not let down at all. Because it was the little box from the Netherlands I was hoping it to be.

Last 11-12 months my good friend, Sjoerd Trouwee (@ has been creating and casting 8 new Chaos Dwarfs in a lovely retro Marauder Miniatures style (You'll find a little background on this here and a lot more on Sjoerd's awesome Evil Buggers-blog). So, yesterday I picked up a fresh set of these beautiful pieces. Don't really brag about my miniature purchases on here, unless it has something to do with my addiction for John Pickford sculpts (wife might be following along, though I doubt it😛) - but I'll make an exception, today - and I'll share them on here. So here they are, in all their glory:

The Nominus Malus by Sjoerd Trouwee

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Collecting John Pickford: A giant and some shields

Sadly, I have nothing painted to share, but what's the next best thing .... new Pickford stuff, of course.

Biggest news would be that the old Otherworld Giant (original released by Otherworld Miniatures) has now found a new, good and caring home at Croocked Dice Game Design Studio. It's not released yet, but moulds for a new resin version of the über-cool giant had been made and Karl showed off one of the first succesful casts at Facebook on March 17th.

Still look so fresh and beautiful.... her 15 years after 😀

Crooked Dice: Giant