Thursday, October 25, 2018

Collecting John Pickford: Hmm, Otherworld....?

Usually, this Collecting John Pickford-section of the blog has been dedicated to write about new Pickford pieces, lost gems found and other additions to my collection.

Today's story is a bit different, as it's more about stuff that has disappeared, in risk of disappearing or has or will shift hands.
Today's post is about John's Otherworld range. A range I'm very passionate about as it's the one range that started my journey into Pickford collecting. I knew of John's early Foundry works, but it was the characterful and beautiful Otherworld Miniatures that convinced me of John's great talent - and started a hobby I wouldn't do without.

One of my all time favourite OW miniature

So what's this all about?

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Collecting John Pickford: Hell's Minions on Kickstarter

Devil Inside Productions are back.

After a couple of successfully funded "Hell Awaits..."  - Kickstarter Campaigns - bring us a weird and wonderful little range of denizens of Hell (for horror or fantasy miniature games and RPGs), Devil Inside is now back, trying to fund a new range of figures, this time for Fantasy Football (*cough*Blood Bowl*cough*).

They are branded as "halflings" - but if you look closely at the tiny little players, you'll see another range demonic minions

©Devil Inside Productions

 - because, just like the campaign says, Satan has decided to send his minions to battle on the fantasy football fields around the Earth! The Hell's Minions - A Demonic Fantasy Football Team! will enter the pitch :)

Now, why is this interesting for a non-sports-gamer like me, well ...? .... I guess it piqued my interest  because of the two big guys in the back.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Collecting John Pickford: Perv, the dwarf beast handler

Yes, it's been to waaay to quite in here, I know and I do apologise :(
- but I shall spare you all the poor little excuses for not painting or bringing you news.

However, I shall try make up for it over the coming weeks, as I've got quite a few Pickford gems and news to show and share.

This one, today, is a special one - and probably the most exciting one of them, cause I guess most of you (just like me) probably didn't even know of it's existence.

But back in 2010, around the time where John did til Artisan Dwarf for the CCM-Yahoo-Community, one of the members commissioned John doing him a dwarf beast handler with two beasts.

I haven't noticed this being made nor has John told me about it. He do enlighten me about his earlier works, but its all based on "memory" and an old online email inbox - both are close to be put out of service, hi hi :)

But back in August, a good collector-friend of mine, Threadbare, sent me a link:

I was all over the moon, because at the very end of this link a little gem is hidden - a "Perv" Miniature, sculpted by John "PoshGoblin" Pickford and painted by "Atacam".

Sculpted by John "PoshGoblin" Pickford ?? Those 5 words are sweet music in my ear :)