Thursday, January 6, 2022

Collecting John Pickford: Old School Miniatures new giants (second part)

Let's kick of the new year with some gigantic news 😁

The Old School Miniatures Company (OSM) have made all stretch goal giants from the successful "Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of a little dwarf" campaign available.

During the Kickstarter campaign 4 goals were reached:

  • a big one multi part metal giant (Think Maruder giant size)
  • a two headed body - a re-sculpt of one of the bodies to accept 2 heads
  • a new fourth body and 2 new heads to take it to 4 bodies and 8 heads in total
  • a giant in a cart
And since the campaign ended on 28th March 2021 John has been working bringing these to life.

OSM has regularly updated the campaign with its progress and the stretched goals have now been shipped to backers - and also added them to the OSM online store.

I'm still awaiting my gigantic box of sweets, so you'll have to do with greens and store pictures, for now 😀 

- Happy New Year and please enjoy!