Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paul is back on the workbench

Actually, been laying in bed most of the time since my last up date. The annual flu hit me - and it hit me hard - but I'm better now - and was in time for finishing my entry for the Brush Slave #2 Painting Challenge at Chaos Dwarfs Online. It's now time for voting - and there are quite a few cool entries.

The theme was Roll them Bones - so Otherworld Miniatures Skeleton I's were quite obvious for this as they are some of the best sculpted Skeletons I know of, but could it be any different when Paul Muller is the man behind the miniatures :-) But trust me, they are also quite a struggle. The Skeletons from Otherworld are so rich of tiny little details. So rich that it's making them a pain painting for an old man like me with rusty hands and tired eyes at 10 p.m.

But I did finish them. Not my best, I know. Will try harder next time - as Skeletons II is definitely on my list of purchases from Otherworld Miniatures. Cause yes, I did take advantage of the fantastic Voucher program. A program that offers you a 23-33% discount. So if you haven't already bought a voucher, now is the time. Program runs out by the end of January :-)

Otherworld - UD1a - Skeletons I

And if you are a member at CDO - well, why not go and place a vote for one of the awesome entries :)

Have also been testing how to paint another Otherworld must have ... Mr. Pickford's characterful Goblins. Next is a test piece how to do good old classic brown goblin skin.

Otherworld - GB4 - Goblin Command Chieftain


This Goblin has been a joy painting - but I'm not 100% pleased with the skin-tone. So, it's back to the mixing pallet I guess.

Last, but definitely not least are my Heresy Miniatures Giant Slugs. Not sculpted by the brilliant man behind the company, himself (Andy Foster) - but done by Paul Muller - and like always, so rich on details. The set consist of 3 giant slug-like gribblies- sort of Slug, Maggot and Caterpillar.

Heresy Miniatures - HM021 Giant Slugs

The Slug

The Maggot

The Caterpillar

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bits and bobs

First off, a big welcome to Phil Hynes and 'rampant_goat'. Glad to have you here and I hope you'll enjoy your stay - and find something you like - not many zombies, though ;-) And then again ... I do have some Paul Muller Zombies from Heresy ... hmm! - a new painting project, perhaps ..??

So a new year has started, and things are back to normal. So, there has actually been time to get something done. Played with a few plastic kits, too! My son is now 8 years old - and has a growing interest for wargaming. GW 40K,though - and more precisely Orks. We build a Deff Dreed together - and after that we also did turn a Skaven Doomwheel into something Orkish. Can't hardly blame him. Been there myself - but hopefully he will mature - like Dad did :-)

Back on topic and back to today's update which is a mix of things I've done within the last few weeks.

First thing I want to show off is one of the awesome Sea Demon's Paul Muller did for Andrew Coleman @ Four A Miniatures. The Sea Demons are such wonderful sculpts. Paul did a great job sculpting them and he is one of the best - when it comes to creepy/weird/evil/cruel stuff.

Paul has done four Sea Demon for Andy (3 Warriors and a Sea Hag). All showed at the Frother's Unite Forum - but only two off them are up in the store, for now. Nagged Andy a bit, and he was so kind to let me have all 4 - plus a 5th Paul Muller Sculpt called a Piranahboy - not sure if he is an official part of the Sea Demon series, but the name surely indicates that. All the other 4 are now primed white, and will probably show up here in the weeks to come.Here is the first one:

Four A Miniatures - Sea Demon

Next, we have another Grenadier Demon. Some might remember that I entered a Grenadier Demon into the 'Paint a Classic' @ Miniature Heroes - but I've also painted a second one - as a test piece to improve  highlighting reds.

So, first we have the MH 'Paint a Classic'-entry and then the new 'blood demon':

Grenadier Models/Mirliton Demons

Last, I want to show you my entry for the newly founded Otherworld Miniaturs Forums Painting Challenge . Have had these miniature standing on my desk primed and ready for painting for quite some time, now. Been wanting to paint them for a long time - but always got distracted and did something else. But now was the perfect time - and rather speed painted them too. Took me about 4-5 hours to do - and think I came up with a rather decent result. So here they are - my two new Otherworld babies:

Otherworld DM18 Rust Monsters


The Rust Monsters are another John Pickford creation. John has done an awesome job on these metal eating creatures. They are like a 3D version of the artwork from the 1st ed TSR Monster Manual. These here, from Otherworld are very close to those Citadel did in their ADD range back in 1986 - but are much bigger and have a lot more details added - so if you are into Original AD&D Miniatures these two Otherworld babies are a 'must'.

And speaking of size. They are based on a 40mm display base (bevelled base). The inner base itself is a Post Apocalypse resin "topper" base from Ian Brumby's company: Fenris Games

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grenadier Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

I've been painting like a mad man, lately (taking into account that I'm a very slow painter with way to little hobby quality time). Painted more miniatures the last 3-4 months than I did the 12 months before that. Unfortunately it hasn't been that many Chaos Dwarfs - for that I am sorry :-(

But I did one during the Christmas holidays. It was an entry for the painting comp And with only a few hours left, I think it's okay to reveal it. Didn't stand a chance, of course (Way to much talent talent over there). But wanted to show Tim my support. He is doing such a fantastic job for old school geeks like me.

And I'm rather please with my entry, actually. Think it's painted near the standard I'm capable of (at the moment).

Theme for the competition was: 'Paint a Classic' and it was limited to a miniature in the Mirliton/Grenadier Models range - and with a max of 3 miniatures.

Can you get a better excuse for start painting the Grenadier Battle Lords Chaos Dwarves box set (#1608)? Did plan to do a second dwarf - but like said a few days ago, the Painting Dragon got in it's way :-)

But here is my entrant:

Grenadier Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

So what's next then ....? Well, painting something for the Brush Slave #2 @ Chaos Dwarfs Online. The theme is 'Roll them Bones' so took the opportunity to do my Otherworld Skeletons. I now remember why I never finished that Vampire army. I absolutely hate painting skelies. Just can't make them look right/good. 
Also on the painting desk are 3 of Four A Miniatures' Sea Demons, another 2 Grenadier Demons and a the second Grenadier Chaos Dwarf, of course.

Also planing on doing my 2 Otherworld Rust Monsters. The fantastic Otherworld Miniatures Forum has started a little Painting Challenge, too. So what better excuse can I get for painting them. 

And why not join in, too? Go have a look at the challenge: Level 1 Party Killer @ Otherworld Miniatures Forum

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Painting Dragon

Well, not quite true I didn't paint something, that I could actually show :-)

While planing my Miniature Heroes 'Paint a Classic 2010' entries - I had a good look at The Miniature Heroes Web-store and found what I was looking for in the Mirliton - Nightmares sub-section.

After doing my order for some Demons, I came cross the sub section labelled: 'Sablesinge'.

Sablesinge is inspired by old promotional painting dragons done by Metal Magic (a - now, long gone - German miniature manufacturer).

Sablesinge is Miniature Heroes signature miniature - and Tim's version is done by talented John Pickford (think, John has become my favourite miniature sculptor) - so quite obvious, that I had to order that one, too.

The miniature is even more awesome real life, so I just couldn't resist painting it straight away. Unfortunately, the result was, that I didn't finish the planed 3th entry for the 'Paint a Classic 2010' :-(

But I finished the colouring the other day - and did the display base last night.

So here he is - the Painting Dragon:

Miniature Heroes - Sablesinge

Happy New Year

Maybe a bit belated, but December is a hectic month at the Clamshell Mansion. Wedding day December 2nd, Christmas, New Year and the birthday’s of my two sons (December 29th and December 31th) and then add the usual Christmas rush, you might have guessed that December is not a great Hobby Month for me.

But I did find a few spare hours to paint. Unfortunately I can’t show you, yet - as I did two entries for the Grenadier/Mirliton painting competition at

Not winning entries, I know (to much talent over there to stand a chance :-), but I’m quite pleased with them, nonetheless. I really like the Miniature-Heroes site. The shop is fantastic (and soon Tim (Store owner) will even be stocking Dave King's BeDerken Miniatures, too) and the forum is such a great and friendly place. And it's all about hard core old school miniatures. If you (like me) like the old s***, you really should go visit the site and perhaps even join.

You can then go over to the The Heroes 2010 section - and see if you can spot what I did. Shouldn't be that hard ;-)

Here is a link for all the entries (poll):

 – but better warn you, as you have to sign up/log in to watch them.

Se you all soon.

Happy New Year