Sunday, February 23, 2014

Brothers in Art

And here's my latest entry for Brush Slave League 2013/14 - round 5.

For this round I chose to do my two Pickford Artisans. The first one is the Dwarf Artisan commissioned by the Collecting Citadel Miniatures (CCM) Yahoo! Group in 2010 - the other one is the LE Mad Painter BSL Prize miniature I had John doing last year.

The CCM Dwarf Artisan is a stonemason and comes with a work in process Dwarf King bust, but as the Mad Painter comes rather naked, I felt I had to come up with an idea for some "artwork" for him. I decided presenting him as a miniature painter and needed to find someting for his "Golden Demon" contribution. Had to be something Pickford and something small, so I picked a spare Foundry Imp/Familiar from the UND014 - Vinegar Tom pack based on a "plinth".

Brothers in Art

CCM Dwarf Artisan and bust

Clam Minis: BSL Mad Painter

Wargames Foundry: UND014 - Witches Familiar 

And like always, when using scenery bases, they come from awesome Fenris Games.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Help! My house is being invaded by ants!

We haven't had much winter here, yet. The lack of snow and cold weather has coursed that Ants have invade my house.

Grabbed the camera, so you all can see what I'm talking about:

Otherworld Miniatures: DV6a/b Giant Workers and Soldier Ants

Untraditional colour scheme ...? The scheme is inspired by the Oecophylla smaragdina or better known as the green tree ant - cause dark brown/black seemed so boring doing :)

Collecting John Pickford: Ewal Dvergar Crossbowmen

Last in today's Pickford news are .... my own new stuff for my little Clam Minis adventure.

Already posted on the Ewal Dvergar blog, but shall have a mention on here, too.

The next release will be focusing on missile troops for the little range of Ewal Dvergar. Many of you might then be expecting some black powder dwarves, but for this new release we went for Crossbowmen. Not an obvious choice, I know - but the Crossbowmen are something I've been wanting myself from the very start of this project. So, call me egocentric if you want to :)

Ewal Dvergar: Crossbowmen

Next release will also see command group miniatures. There are already quite a few heroic miniatures done, so focus has been on supporting miniatures like standard bearers and a musician - here is a glimpse of what to expect:

For more, check out the Clam Minis/Ewal Dvergar-blog

Collecting John Pickford: WKs Dwarf Knightly Orders are out

- and more fresh news, this is!

White Knight Miniatures has just released the additional Knightly Orders for their Renaissance Dwarf, previous showed on here.

The Knights of White Boar, the Knights of the Great Bear and the Knights Templar of the Order of the Raven with matching command miniatures are all out.

A strong new release I must say. Will be hard choosing what unit to build, as they all look magnificent - but I do have a soft spot for Boars :)

And while there .... check out the upcoming Zombie Halflings. Not done by John Pickford, but are done by Mike Darpa - still very good, I'll admit :)

Collecting John Pickford: Beast Face Minotaur

Rather old new I'm afraid, but don't you go say, that I didn't tell you about it - cause no news, ain't good news :)

Back in October I posted news regarding Beast Face Miniatures upcoming Fantasy Fottball Minotaur for there all Pickford's Beastmen team. And due to plan, the beast was finished by the end of 2013. I just didn't mention it. So sorry, Axiom.

But here it is - and a rather magnificent beast he is, too:

Beast Face Miniatures: Fantasy Football Minotaur

The beast is due for a release in 2014 - so keep an eye on the BeastFace Miniatures-blog.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I'm back ...

Sorry for the absence here on the blog :(

Health has, yet again, had a major influence on my hobby and time for painting miniatures. It has even been a struggled keeping the Collecting John Pickford news-section up to date, ignoring the fact it doesn't involve much "work".
I've had changes made to my medication and have also managed to increase the physical training, but at the cost of hobby-hours. But there has been some small progress, and I have managed finishing quite a few pieces that have been standing here way to long.

Today's miniature was my entry for the 2nd round of the Brush Slave League, but due to the changes in format, it was held in reserve and was first entered in the 3th round.

The miniature is a conversion of the Impact! Miniatures Zoat the Bibbisaur by John Pickford (also look here). Started working on this piece 8 months ago, but was never finished. BSL was the perfect excuse to finish it, as big creatures are rewarded.

The Bibbisaur is originally made for Fantasy Football, but as I'm no longer into the genre, I decided to fantasize it a bit. A rather straight forward job, as all the iconic Fantasy Football spiky bits are all separate pieces.

So, I gave it new shoulder guards made from some plastic Chaos Warriors and a  plastic sword (think its from some GW Ogres), found in the bitz box. Kneepad was replaced with a Dwarf buckler shield and a Marauder Miniature shield (Dark Elf) was then glued  to the back.

Ended up looking like this:

Impact! Miniatures: Fantasy Zoat (conversion of their Zoat the Bibbisaur)

Think I might be getting a few more of these. Will look nice side-by-side as a little cavalry unite, I think. Will probably have to change the pose a bit - can't have all those guys pointing at you, like that :)