Monday, August 11, 2014

TFF Legacy Team 2013 - Halfling Chef

I had the honour of getting a copy of the little resin Legacy Team reward Axiom/Exoditejon have had made for the participants of their annual Legacy-Team-event at The Chef and camp fire are sculpted by John Pickford (shouldn't you already have guessed that :))

Painted my copy a few months ago but yet again couldn't make up my mind regarding how to base it. Have about 50 unpainted halflings, and as I like unified bases I had to make a decision. Went for a country field look with long grass and flowers.

TFF Legacy Team 2013: Halfling Chef

And yes, there's a small change made to the camp fire. Originally it was a roast football, but for my fantasy needs a chicken is better :)

And just as I finished this, I found this here in my mail box:

A metal version of this beauty. Apparently, Axiom ended up with an empty slot in one of his Beast Face Miniatures master moulds, and had this made. What better use of an empty slot in a mould can you imagine? I just looooooove metal :)

Thanks, Jon - guess I'll have to paint a second one now - and two Chefs for a Halfling Warband ain't one too many, really :)

Collecting John Pickford: Latest news from Iron Mask Miniatures

As posted back in June 2014 Iron Mask Miniatures/Gary Price's Kickstarter is soon to be fulfilled. I posted pictures of the WIP halflings back then and promised coming back when the Dwarf Queen has been done.
And what a beautiful girl she is. Another spectacular sculpt and will play the dwarf-queen-role in many game settings, just fine.

Here she is - in all her glory:

Iron Mask Miniatures: Dwarf Queen (green)

So the final 4 sculpts to fulfill the Iron Mask Kickstarter - ended up looking like this:

Iron Mask Miniatures: Dwarf Queen and Halflings Kickstarter Add-on's

An exceptional finish, and look much forward seeing them cast up in shiny white metal.

And speaking of Kickstarter fulfilments. A few weeks ago I received the last two campaign bonus figures. The wonderful Milady de l'elfe and the brute Ogre Captain Jussac.

Iron Mask Miniatures: Milady de l'elfe

Iron Mask Miniatures: Jussac, Ogre Captain

My box of Iron Mask goodies also included 2 sets of Special Hands and a set of Heavy Rapier hands, all to be used for personalizing your Dwarf Musketeers.

Set 1 - Crossbow, hat, torch, bottle, tankard closed and pipe

Set 2 - lantern, bomb tankard open, lace handkerchief and goblet. There should have been a scroll hand as well, but unfortunately it missing from my little set (had 2 goblet hands instead), but pretty sure Gary will include one with the next shipment.

Heavy rapiers

The trained eye will see there's a hat holding hand here and will also know that all current dwarf heads already have hats on, so to make up for that a new bare head has been made - or actually 2 - and another 2 with hats on, so 4 new heads in all.

All these new items has been added to the living Collecting-John-Pickford-wiki - Iron Mask section including this little (or could probably call it big) gem - the Mk. I Jussac, Ogre Captain.
The Ogre Captain's Hat had to be re-sculpted due to casting issues, and the plume was then made a separate piece, but Gary have kindly donated one of the successful master cast of the Mk. I version.

Collecting John Pickford: Ewal Dvergar Crossbowmen and Infantry Command Group

Old news, some might say, but just noticed that I forgot posting pictures one here of the crisp new casts I've had made for me own little venture - the Ewal Dvergar.

Back in February, I showed you the greens of the upcoming Crossbowmen and Infantry Command - and about 6 weeks ago I finally got metal casts of what I believe are the best Dvergar I've had made, till day. I love all of the Dvergar in the range, but I'm soooo impressed with the level of details one these.

Ewal Dvergar: Crossbowmen

Ewal Dvergar: Infantry Command

Should you like following my little venture, I suggest checking the ClaMiniature-blog regulary, as it seems I forget telling about it on here :-)