Saturday, March 30, 2013

Collecting John Pickford: Chaotic Dwarf Painter

A few of you will probably know that I'm heavily involved in the Brush Slave Painting Challenge at the Chaos Dwarfs Online forum and I've been handing out prizes to the winners over the years.

Prizes has, till now, been Chaos Dwarf themed miniature from Titan Wargames but I have been looking for something more personal to make a proper trophy.

So with my own small miniature range and now having commissioned John Pickford doing me a few more I found it obvious asking him to do us a "Prize".

Haven't received the final piece yet, but John have kindly sent me a few pictures of the little piece.

So I'd like to present .... :

Event Special: the Brush Slave Artisan

And before you start asking ... "no" this will not be available for general sale from "Clam Minis" - but limited to the winners of the Brush Slave League @ CDO

The miniature is based on one of my Core Warriors from Set #1 but heavily converted to represent the Chaotic Painter. John did a fantastic job here adding all the nice small details to bind it all together. It's such a wonderful piece and really looking forward seeing it in person.


If you have found this very blog (here on the interwebs), you'd already know what has happened to Mr. Kev Adams and about the organized efforts "GoblinAid" has set out to do to try and help him out a bit .

But should you have been living under a rock the last few week the story is:

"On Wednesday, 20th March Kev 'the Goblinmaster' Adams was brutally assaulted during a burglary at his home in Nottingham. He was stabbed in the face and chest and they took a knuckle duster to his face and broke his cheek bone and nose"

Kev will need surgery and it will take him some time to recover from the physical and mental wounds, I'm afraid.

You can ready a letter from Kev Adams, written a few days after the assault at the GoblinAid-Facebook page.

So being a self-employed sculptor illness can be another hard hit to the face, but with our help we can try and ease the financial pains.  

The help will take many forms, but in short here is what we can do:

1) Donations - by Paypal at goblinaidATfenrisgamesDOTcom
2) eBay auctions, for all donated stuff. Most will be sold from here: - but I head that Foundry will do their own one.
3) Buy the special fundraising Goblins

I can't offer much myself just being a awful sculptor, an ordinary painter and an obsessive collector, that can't part with all my precious little miniatures. So don't have anything other to offer than my wallet, but probably not the worst thing offering here ;-)

Over the next few weeks there will be lots of interesting stuff to spend your charity money at - and the list of sculptors doing a fundraising goblin is getting longer and longer - here's the list as it looked like on Wedensday, 27th March:

Tre Manor (RedBox Games)
Jason Wiebe (Reaper, etc)
Chaz Elliot (WotC, Citadel, etc)
Des Hanley (Otherworld)
Alex Bates (Forge of Ice)
Steven Marchant (Inso)
Stuart Powley (SLAP minis)
Mark Evans (Crooked Dice, Fenris, etc)
Warren Beattie (Hasslefree, etc)
David Drage (Iron Mammoth, Scheltrum, etc)
Matt Gubser (Dark Age, Rusted heroes, etc)
Sylvain (Golgo Island)
Kev White (Hasslefree)
Davide Tedeschi (Shieldwolf)
George Fairlamb (Black Cat bases, Fenris etc)
Bill Thornhill (Musketeer)
Gary Morley (GW, etc)
Mark Craggs (World of Twilight)
Phil Hynes (Monstertown USA)
Tim Prow (Wizkids, Heartbreaker, etc)
Paul Gargon (Mad Clown)
Andy Foster (Heresy)
Alex Huntley (Warploque)
Werner Klocke (Freebooters' Fate, etc)
Minghua Kao (Hasslefree, etc)
Bob Olley (Olley’s Armies, GW, etc)
John Pickford (WKE, Otherworld, 4A etc)

Facebooked can follow their work at GoblinAid as the come in. But here's a few teasers of miniatures done by now:

Jason Wiebe
Kev White
Tom Emmett
George Fairlamb
Gary Morley
Philip Hynes
Mark Craggs

Think auctions will be announced at the FB-page too, so make sure you "Liked" GoblinAid.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The three Musketeers

And finally got round doing some of the miniatures from "the mystery box" - the Iron Mask Miniatures.

Iron Mask is another Multi Part Pickford Project (Multi 3P™) and is all about creating a range of 28mm dwarf Musketeers for fantasy gaming.

The project will probably go on Kickstarter any time soon now (will keep you posted, of course).

The miniatures painted here were done for the Painting League @CDO

Iron Mask Miniatures: Musketeers

First two here are from the small proof-of-concept run and will probably not see a more general release. One (second one) had sculpt on head and both had options for pistols, cinquedea swords and daggers. 

The last one here is a proper first wave miniature with the rapier swords and separate head.

Wonderful batch of miniatures and I wish Iron Mask Miniatures best of luck with their funding campaign.

On a side note I'd like to mention, that on the Iron Mask Miniatures-blog you can now see a second wave of heads. All these will have longer hair and beards. Give them quite a different look, I think.

Here's a small teaser ... :-D

Check the blog to see more of them :)

Collecting John Pickford: Interloper Miniatures Lizards

In November 2012 John got involved in the a crowd-funding campaign called "Interloper Miniatures: Cast in Ruin" and during the campaign he sculpted theSci-fi termites/bugs (previously shown here on the blog) but now the lizards are done, too.

From the Indiegogo-campaign site:

Interloper Miniatures: Lurching Lizards

Grappy Lizard
Netty Lizard
Shooty Lizard
Not the greatest pictures, I know but good enough to show some rather interesting Sci-Fi alien opponents and should do good in most retro Sci-fi/cult TV war gaming.