Monday, November 12, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Interloper Miniatures - Cast in Ruin

The Interloper Miniature - Cast in Ruin Campaign is going into its final hours - and what better way to finish this (perhaps a bit overlooked) campaign by showing the (almost) finished "Smart Bug" by John Pickford:

Concept Art by Toren Atkinson

John's WIP

And then Legion McRae has confirmed that John - also - will be sculpting the "Lurching Lizards" range. No greens yet, but we have seen these promising concept pieces (again done by Toren Atkinson):

Shooty Lizard
Netty Lizard
Grabby Lizard

Should be very suitable for most retro Sci-Fi gaming, I think ;-)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Clam's Minis: Grenadiers

And finally, found time for a bit of painting myself. Brush Slave League, Season 1 ( (CDO) is coming to an end - and for the final round theme was "Thank you, CDO".

CDO has been kind enough to let us (the painting-o-holics) borrow their forum for our first season - and thought what better way to say thanks then dedicate the last round  to our beloved Chaos Dwarfs. So for this final round I choose to do the 3 Grenadiers that I've sculpted myself and cast up when I started the Ewal Dvergar-project.

And here they are:

Clam's Minis: Ewal Dvergar Grenadiers

And here is a few more shots of them, that will probably find it's way into the Ewal Dvergar-blog some day, too - should they ever return ;-)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Impact Miniatures Star Player - part 2

As promised a few days ago, I'd post pictures of my metal fantasy football Zoat variant (done for Impact! Miniatures) when it arrived.

Arrived today and here is the pictures

Impact! Miniatures: Zoat the Bibbisaur

The sculpt is as great as the Sci Fi version and the new pose is fantastic. And as the shoulder guard and knee pad are all separate pieces it will be so easy converting it into a traditional fantasy miniature. Think I might try that :)

And a little side bonus ...! When John did the changed to the Zoat, "Axiom" had him turning the original carried Eldar casualty into a separated miniature. Meant for his own private use - but he has - kindly - let me have a copy of it.

Cast in resin and looks like this:

The Gaming Cantina: Eldar Casualty, helmet variant

Wonderful :) - and thanks, Axiom - that was very kind of you :D

Collecting John Pickford: Otherworld Giant Ants

Oterworld Miniatures has just posted pictures of new Giant Ants on their forums.

The pre-view shows work in process shots of two ants in a range of five.

Otherworld Miniatures: Giant Ants

These two are Warrior-class ants and are approximately 30mm long. Now thats some big monsters that will be very useful in lots of different settings and genres, I'm sure.

Also to be found in this range will be 3 smaller Worker-class ants - approximately 20-25mm long. John is currently working on these and hopefully we'll soon see some WIPs, soon.

No release date yet, but I would expect to see them in store early next year.