Friday, September 7, 2012

The first painted Ewal Dvergar

And finally ...... I've finished the first four of my Ewal Dvergar.

Life has been hard on me and there really haven't been any time for painting last 3-4 months, but hopefully things will soon start changing and things will get back to "normal".

But I did finish these for - and three of them was entered in the Brush Slave League @CDO

Ewal Dvergar with hand weapons and shields

And all together:

Now I really need to start painting more of them ... :)

Collecting John Pickford: Zealot Miniatures Classic Demon (close ups)

As announced a few days ago Zealot Miniatures has released their first Pickford - a Classic Demon. Their flash player-site leave a lot behind, so now that my copy has arrived I've made some new and more detailed pictures of the beast.

Almost a 360 degree view :)

Zealot Miniatures: Classic Demon

From these pictures all the wonderful details really shows. Another great example of how fantasy creatures shall look like :-)

And last, a scale shot to show how big a beast he really is. Here he is next to a standard 28mm human (Spyglass Barbarian) miniature. His so massive ...!